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William Tozer (@_williamtozer) Instagram Profile Photo

William Tozer

Hampstead, United Kingdom

Farewell Hampstead skyline view. #anishkapoor

aventuras a 5 (@rastodebicho) Instagram Profile Photo

aventuras a 5

Uma súbita ventania 🍃 e lá estão elas a pousar, de cabelos ao vento... Melhor que isto só o nome do autor desta escultura "The Tall Tree and the Eye": Anish Kapoor... Não soa tão bem? Não conseguimos foi contar as bolas todas! 😵 #anishkapoor 🇪🇸

Ishi’s Light (2003) by Anish Kapoor / Collection Tate #anishkapoor View this Instagram feed ‘row by row’ to experience the visual narrative!

Kermit Tesoro (@kermittesoro) Instagram Profile Photo

Kermit Tesoro

Berlin, Germany

Just around the corner, there's a street utility box with this in-your-face ballsy sticker. Quite ambiguous, it's recognizing a popular artist but lampooning at the same time. I prefer the other sticker though, with two alien-faced teddy bears with human-like limbs, just chewing on some munchies, with a caption "Die Genießer" above, which means "The enjoyer" and it's pretty light than being too profound, mocking Anish Kapoor. Haha.

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