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Jessica Sawyer (@jessicasawyeral) Instagram Profile Photo

Jessica Sawyer

Dr. Michelle Lim 🌿Family Chiro (@drmichellelim) Instagram Profile Photo

Dr. Michelle Lim 🌿Family Chiro

👸🏼🍸🌎🛍🔱 (@blondie0311) Instagram Profile Photo


U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (@usantidoping) Instagram Profile Photo

U.S. Anti-Doping Agency

#AskingForAFriend: "What happens if an athlete is sanctioned?" 🤔 Reply below with your question for USADA Education Manager Tammy Hanson.

Martha’s Vineyard Vacay Guide (@mvacay) Instagram Profile Photo

Martha’s Vineyard Vacay Guide

Martha's Vineyard

🔆 How long can we pretend that summer isn’t wrapping up soon? 🙏🏼 #askingforafriend

H E A T H E R   A N N E 🌼 (@keepingupwithmlleobie) Instagram Profile Photo

H E A T H E R A N N E 🌼


These days are pretty chaotic and hard to get “us” time in, but we are SO aware that in less than 2 weeks our time with them gets cut into less than half 😩 So on the days when they want to sit on my lap non-stop, play wrestle with me “the way uncle E does it” 🙄or have a picnic outside in the rain , I just let it happen 🤷🏼‍♀️ It won’t always be this way, I mean last summer we had a 14 year old who wanted to workout with us everyday. This year, we’re lucky if he doesn’t roll his eyes at our dance moves in between sets 🙈🤪 I’m already getting about leaving them for the long hours between work and my commute, but the good news is they couldn’t be more jazzed about their new teachers next year. Fingers crossed that everyone will continue to carry that enthusiasm so getting on the bus in the morning goes smoothly 🙈 When does the “testing-the-boundaries” phase stop? #askingforafriend 😂

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What a night!!! Thank you so much to everyone who came along to support us this evening... Couldn’t have wished for a better time with you all 💛✨ And a massive thank you to @bumble_uk for choosing myself and my sisters to be apart of such a special event 🐝 #AskingForAFriend

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The Bass Emporium


Question: When you head bang, what part of your gives you the greatest results? 🤔 #askingforafriend A) Neck B) Waist/Abs C) Knees D) Hair E) Arms F) A combination of _____________ G) Other___________ 📸: @chrisyn7

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Shelly Clemons

Can one be a AND a at the same time? #askingforafriend

Church of Scientology of Washington State

I had a friend who wanted to meet a cute Christian girl because he was tired of the bar scene and what he deemed “slutty girls” so he started going to church and met his now wife... now he’s a missionary in Uganda and she serves are the local pub. Life is strange 👽 ? #askingforafriend

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