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Harris County Tax Office (@hctaxoffice) Instagram Profile Photo

Harris County Tax Office

Llame a la línea de ayuda del Departamento de Seguros al 800-252-3439 o visite https://www.tdi.texas.gov/ para más información. #automobileinsurance

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Olderman & Hallihan

The Olderman & Hallihan Agency

Technology is a great tool for the insurance industry, but nothing will replace the face to face, person to person approach of Olderman & Hallihan. Call us 203-734-1601 #automobileinsurance

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I & E Insurance

Point Pleasant, New Jersey

Did you know that alcohol and severe weather are some of the main reasons why boating fatalities occur? Know the facts, the rules, and follow these boating safety tips on our blog. #automobileinsurance

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Kicker Insures Me Agency

Kicker Insures Me Agency

Common Auto Insurance Rating Variables Age — insurance companies use your age in their overall rating algorithms. Drivers who are under 25, and over 65 typically don’t get preferred rates because statistics show that those two age demographics have the most loss frequency and are therefore more at risk for financial loss due to an auto accident Credit — credit is a metric that has been used in insurance scoring for many years. The better your credit, the more favorable your rates will usually be Car — the type of car, engine size, safety features, etc.. are all part of determining the rate Driving History — your driving record and loss history plays a substantial role in the price. If you have a spotty driving history, or multiple moving violations or accidents, chances are, you won’t get a preferred rate until those things are at least 3 years old Household — insurance companies underwrite at the household level, meaning they try to judge based on the entire household, what the probability of loss will be. If there are multiple drivers in the house who are under the age of 25, that will impact everyone’s pricing in the household Give us a call for a quick Auto Insurance quote at 281-487-9686 . . . . #automobileinsurance

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Grillo Insurance Agency

Massapequa, New York

Auto insurance isn’t only great protection for your vehicle, it’s also the law. All states require some degree of insurance for your vehicle to protect you and other motorists. Call us today at 1-800-772-0627 or 516-798-0320 and get up to 30% off auto insurance. We make getting an insurance quote easy. Speak with one of our team members about your insurance needs. #automobileinsurance

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