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Buxton Sandringham (@buxtonsandringham) Instagram Profile Photo

Buxton Sandringham

Buxton Sandringham (@buxtonsandringham) Instagram Profile Photo

Buxton Sandringham

Mentone Beach

Beautiful home to complete an installation with Ducted Reverse Cycle Heating and Cooling. Working alongside the Interior Designer to install discreet return air grills hidden in cabinetry. . . . . . . . #beaumaris

Found a house for @cmoran72 in #beaumaris 🏠

House of Tarot Port Melbourne (@taniayorgey) Instagram Profile Photo

House of Tarot Port Melbourne


What do you intuitively feel? Then swipe 🙏 The World - 'Completion'. Do we every really complete anything? Alot of the time it's about getting back to something... Hmmm, that meditation wasn't long enough, I'll make it longer tomorrow... the task that I was meant to finish can wait until later... I'll have a quick bath, because I have to get onto the next thing.  All of these thoughts and actions stop us from accessing this card completely.  Taking the weight of the world off your shoulders and being aware of doing things 'completely' Let it out!  If you're angry, don't hold the anger inside and put a pretend smile on your face.  Get angry with a punching bag or a pillow - not with the person or situation you are angry at.  Just let it out - complete it, be authentic.  Allow you inner dialogue to change once you have completed the emotion. Living completely is a choice and creates the experience of living every moment as is needs to be - with fresh eyes and an open heart.  Explore the world with fresh eyes, rather than holding onto old experiences that burden.  The Universe has your back, free yourself so that you can allow this energy to flow through you. Love Tania x www.taniayorgey.com.au #beaumaris

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