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Blue Marble Cocktails (@bluemarblecocktailsofficial) Instagram Profile Photo

Blue Marble Cocktails

Looks like these ladies are going to have A BLUE MARBLE DAY! Fun Fact: Blue Marble Cocktails is family owned and operated in the United States! #bluemarble

Hans Uy || Space Blog (@astronomical_returns) Instagram Profile Photo

Hans Uy || Space Blog

New York, New York

NASA released satellite images of the Amazon on fire - in case you didn’t know, a massive forest fire is engulfing much of South America in smoke 😖🔥🌴 . Amazon fires used to be super rare given the moist climate, but slash and burn agriculture and global warming have led to massive deforestation. We can’t let this continue - 20% of Earth’s oxygen comes from the Amazon 💨 . If this upsets you, don’t just like and comment. Make a donation and actually do something. Some charities below 💰❤️ @amazonconservationteam @rainforest_foundation @rainforesttrust @rainforestactionnetwork . I love space exploration because it teaches us to be better stewards of our home planet. Off the Earth, for the Earth 🌎 . #bluemarble

대유잼🎲꿀잼♟ [개르마블 session 1] : 앉아/엎드려자세 연습하면서 집중력 올리기-소리자극에 집중력 유지 (feat. Just married 킥보드)-장난감 자극에 집중력 유지-개르마블 게임을 시작하지! . . . #bluemarble

Abby Kapler (@abbykapler) Instagram Profile Photo

Abby Kapler

I hate wasting paint. So when I finish larger pieces or practicing a new technique, I use the remaining paint on mini canvases and just see what happens. I’m liking how this one is turning out. Earth Pixel. 5”x5”. Acrylic. marble

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