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Laura Sanchez Acosta

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Megan McCoy

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Saint Johns Health Foundation

Los Angeles, California

Saint John's Help Kids Succeed School Supplies Drive was very successful. Our sincere thanks and gratitude to all our generous caregivers who contributed so many school supplies for the children served at our Child and Family Development Center (CFDC). The CFDC's specially trained staff provide a compassionate and nurturing environment to help children with developmental disabilities, emotional challenges, encounters with domestic violence, substance or physical abuse through a variety of programs. . . . . . . #booksmart

I love having this prickly pear cactus and aloe in my backyard! Love when these cacti make a of a heart too! It does look like birds are chomping at it and it might be dying so that makes me sad. 😞 I made the mistake of assuming I was a functioning responsible in the taking of this photo, and let’s say I had instant regrets right after. Cactus needles are TEENSY and I had to pull about 20 from my fingers. 🌵💙 Bookmark keepers are something I use quite often as they hold 30-35 bookmarks and if you have several you can categorize them so it’s easy to find the ones you need! I have sooo many bookmarks so these are a huge help. You can also get ones that match your booksleeve so you have a set. @pages.remembered also sends the cute bookmark shown in front with her orders 🤗 🌵💙 If you are getting tired of all the summer vibes and longing for Fall, Pages Remembered will be doing a “Fall Vibe” stock on 9/1 so be ready! Anything currently in shop use code trissinabooks10 for a discount. 🌵💙 Your turn- it’s been a while since I’ve heard some stories! Let’s hear the maybe not so smart things you have done with a book photo. 🍿👀 Can’t wait to be entertained!🤣 ******************************************* #booksmart

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Maria João Cunha

Arthur Rimbaud, a long affair ❤️

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✨ Happy belated bday @legendarylourd!

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