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Jesse Duvanovich Boyd (@ijesseboyd) Instagram Profile Photo

Jesse Duvanovich Boyd

Shubham (ਸ਼ੁਭਮ) (@kalos__princess) Instagram Profile Photo

Shubham (ਸ਼ੁਭਮ)

Pokémon Universe

Nil doubts N is the best villain in the Pokemon series Credits - @toasty_roasty_typhlosion Follow me for daily pokemon stuff 👉👉👉👉👉👉 @kalos__princess 👈👈👈👈👈👈 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Ignore the tags ⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔ #bringbacknationaldex

Flare.TV 2019 (@flare_tv_2019) Instagram Profile Photo

Flare.TV 2019

Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Team Yell ist bis jetzt für mich das besch 💩 ever 🤷‍♀️(Sorry) Aber das ist nichts weiter als Team Skull 0,2... Ich hoffe, da kommt noch was anderes... Ein Surkentean was man wenigstens etwas ernst nehmen kann... Lediglich spiegelt das jetzt aber nur meine Meinung wieder... Es gibt's bestimmt auch Menschen die Team Yell mögen.... #bringbacknationaldex 🎮

Tobi Ichiro (@tobiichiro) Instagram Profile Photo

Tobi Ichiro

It’s so beautiful! I love it! Thanks to my buddy who captured it! . . . . #bringbacknationaldex

Anbu3itachi (@anbu3itachi2) Instagram Profile Photo


Looks like Maxine’s big sister Shaniqua, the Shiny Cinccino made to Alola before her. She ain’t gonna be too happy when she finds out!!! Shiny Cinccino Line Complete!!! 🤗👌🎮⭐️😘🐭 (Recap will be available on YouTube later tonight.) YouTube.com/Anbu3Itachi Mixer.com/Anbu3Itachi #bringbacknationaldex

Daily Mimikyu (@dailymimikyu) Instagram Profile Photo

Daily Mimikyu

The Ohio State University

Day 167 Mimikyu is mostly moved in to his new dorm, but he can’t find an outlet to fit his surge protector in. :)))) Hopefully he’ll have power soon. #bringbacknationaldex

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