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The Hangry Moose (@hangrymoose) Instagram Profile Photo

The Hangry Moose

The Hangry Moose

can’t decide on breakfast or a burger ?? 🤔 no drama, have both 😜🍔🥓🍳 #bromsgrove

Claire Cross (@c.cross1980) Instagram Profile Photo

Claire Cross

Squats are such an amazing exercise🍑 . They are a compound movement which means they work across multiple joints so working more muscles at one time (great for fat burning) ✅ . The and are big muscle groups so lots of calorie burn when we work these muscle groups too . So many variations that you can do with weight alone or with weights but if you are beginner get your technique right first before adding extra load 🏋️‍♀️ . However sometimes they are a bit tricky especially if you have poor mobility or you are a beginner . The video on the left is something I occasionally see. Here the knees are being pushed forward and this really restricts the range of movement . Make sure you sit back through your heels, pushing your backwards and keeping your knees behind your (you should be able to wiggle your ) . Aim to work your back in line with your knees, keeping your chest up and abs pulled in . Hope this helps 👍🏻 . For more tutorials check out my website (link in bio)


“Well, it’s like this... if you join PureGym Bromsgrove while we are still in pre-sale, you’ll pay £10.99 + £15 joining fee... this secures your membership... but as a thank you from the lovely people at PureGym... it also means that you’re monthly payments will be £10.99 for the next 12 months. It’s that simple” ~~~~~ #bromsgrove ~~~~~ This is an image of my grandson.. I do not give you permission to share, copy or use this image in any way. Thank you.

Lindsey Allen Fitness (@lindseyallenpt) Instagram Profile Photo

Lindsey Allen Fitness

Lindsey Allen Fitness

10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring A Personal Trainer 1️⃣ You're not seeing results 2️⃣ You don't know where to start 3️⃣ You're bored with the same old workouts 4️⃣ You need to be challenged 5️⃣ You want to learn how to exercise on your own 6️⃣ You need accountability & motivation 7️⃣ You have a specific illness, injury or condition 8️⃣ You're training for a sport or event 9️⃣ You want supervision, company and/or support 🔟 You want to workout at home effectively New slots available for 1-2-1 training with me. Based at @rylandcentre New Road, Bromsgrove for 1-2-1 or buddy personal training. More details are at http://www.lindseyallenfitness.co.uk/personal-training/ Please DM me for more info • • • #bromsgrove

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