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allie with the journal ✨ (@alliejournals) Instagram Profile Photo

allie with the journal ✨

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

👀 it’s my first post! hey y’all! 👀 I an ateur with the whole thing but I’ve been journaling in random notebooks for years! I’m still getting my style worked out but I’d love to connect with people!!! I need some 🙌

Nicole Amy • Art & Stories (@the.colourful.chronicoles) Instagram Profile Photo

Nicole Amy • Art & Stories

London, United Kingdom

See, I haven’t fully given up the , I just have other things I wanted to share with y’all and put my energy into! . Here is this weeks spread, I’m currently reading the by Ryder Carol (aka @bulletjournal) and it’s very intriguing/inspiring and I slowly implementing the proper practice! . Have you read it? . . . . . . community

(◕ܫ◕✿) (@tokkmie) Instagram Profile Photo


There’s a thing in Japan, you can collect stamps in the most important places to visit and like we got so many ?? Much more than the ones that are on this page special for the stamps I found 🤭🥰 when I’m posing this I’m about to get on the plane, I can’t wait to be back home to journal as much as I want !!


Have you ever read the book "Sapiens - A Brief History of Humankind"? These are my favorite quotes from that amazing book. They're both real and sad. #bujocommunity

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