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madeline ☕️ (@whiskeymug) Instagram Profile Photo

madeline ☕️

probably one of my favorite pages ever 🥺 mint and red-orange is my new go-to color combo 🙌🏼 stamp letters inspired by @journalwithrae!!

Joyfolio (@joyfolio) Instagram Profile Photo


I was at Office Depot when I saw that these Pentel pens were on sale. And me being the stationary addict that I am, of course I had to buy them...😌 . . . addict

🍃anna🍃 (@peachboy_soo) Instagram Profile Photo


Another old spread I did not long ago filled with a bunch of random topics hehe🤧

Julia Schmidt (@_julstudies) Instagram Profile Photo

Julia Schmidt

Cologne, Germany

My favorite part of my bullet journal after habit tracker is definetly the movies, books and series tracker! 🥰 I could only read two books this month so far, but hey, one of them had 1200 pages!! 🤓 Do you prefer movies, series or a good book? Let me know in the comments below together with your favorite ones! I sure a @netflix but also a hungry bookworm! 🤪😂 and yes, the sushi was great 🤤 . . . . . . . . . . . . addict

ⓁⓊⒸⓎ(*≧ω≦) (@asrelithe) Instagram Profile Photo


Siggggghhhhhh so I really didn’t want to post this but so many of you requested for me to after putting it on my story.. and I really wanna post more often so here. Anyways, this is my third attempt taking pictures and editing and it looks somewhat decent compared to the first two attempts that look like vsco filters gone wrong.. I was on a journaling block and was just playing around with this weekly bujo thing! I’m not showing aNYONE the other page BECAUSE IT’S THAT BAD. Do you like the cat cartoons? They’re part of a mini cheesecake box I saved from China! Packaging design on poINT😃😃 - - addict

Fortaleza, Brazil

Yay!! Estaremos novamente na AUÊ em Setembro :)

Steph 💕 (@sobujostudy) Instagram Profile Photo

Steph 💕

Lima, Peru

Feliz día de martes 💕!! . Wuau si que estuve desaparecida por aquí 😅 estuve en tantas cosas que cada vez que iba a postear no me daba tiempo 🥺 . Pero hoy me di un tiempito para traerles este spread de Kai, quise hablar un poco de lo que me transmite. . Y por otro lado también quiero contarles que hace ya un par de meses abrí una papelería online con mi amiguisima @darlanoesta donde hacemos para ustedes productos de organización y decoración. Pueden pasarse por ahí es @killapaper y este 25 de agosto ella estará dictando el Taller de bordado de libretas en Huancayo en la Feria Milenial y yo estaré en la 2da Feria Viajera el 24 de agosto en San Miguel, llevándoles todos nuestros productos. 😉 . ¡Los esperamos!

I haven’t posted in a while. This summer has been busy! Check out my new insta account for my Etsy shop. Give it a follow to see what all I’m working on as sales come in! EmbroiderybyKelsie addict

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