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Alina Colorelle

🚑 FIRST HELP 🚑 First of all don't be afraid, I okay ut's just fakebloof we used in the workshop. Xx So for aquiring the drivers license and afterwards driving a car you need the first aid course. As you see, we had a lot of fun recreating situations and acting on them so we can ask all the questions that come up when you give first help and to get into the practical part. Xx My message to you from this course is: Give first help. And yes it is important to me, otherwise I wouldn't post it. Most death happen because the person in need WASNT GIVEN HELP. Imagine that. You can up the chance for someone to survive only if you just call the bulance 🚑 EVERYONE can help! Xx So people: Be aware, look up from the phone from time to time and notice your environment. Dont drink / text and drive! Xx If you have questions, DM me ▶️▶️▶️ or write them into the comments 🔽🔽🔽 Have a lovely day and stay safe 💞

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Andrew Michael Fleming

Azuma Gallery

If you were thinking of driving up 1st Ave S tonight, don't. #caraccident

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