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Silver Platypus

Many industries are now aware of how Cloud computing can help them succeed in an evolving marketplace. Gartner research reports, Cloud computing's popularity across a variety of industries for basic business support functions. With such a growing demand, the need to hire Cloud Architect to fill in roles in organizations is growing too. Be part of the workforce that build Cloud solutions!⠀ ⠀ Join a 5-Day Cloud Architect Course this coming November 11-15, 2019.⠀ ⠀ For more information, visit link in bio.⠀ ⠀ #cloudsolutions

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Silver Platypus

Is Artificial intelligence going to replace receptionists? Looking at Amazon Alexa, Apple's Siri and Google Now, having the ability to complete simple tasks through its software-speaker combos— the answer might be YES.⠀ ⠀ What do you think? Share your thoughts below. ⠀ ⠀ #CloudSolutions

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Connectit Networks

Connect it Networks is your trusted Unified Communications service (UCaaS) and Cloud Call Centre (CloudCC) provider. 🔶 Connect it Networks est votre fournisseur de confiance en matière de communications unifiées à la demande et de centre d’appels en nuage. . . . #CloudSolutions

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IT Help, Inc.

New York, New York

Application security management is an essential aspect of security in the enterprise. Let IT Help, Inc help with application and data security best practices in several areas, including web application security, patch management & mobile application security. To know more, Call IT Help, Inc @ 551-777-4357 #cloudsolutions

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Christopher Leow


Thank you to Softchoice's newest Cloud partner, Google, for my new coffee mug! #cloudsolutions

Excellent article on Buildings.com: Machine Learning 101: Is Predictive Analytics Possible in Your Facility? [https://bit.ly/2VRP5xx] "Humans are limited in our ability to create actionable insights with data. Applying machine learning to facilities allows an unlimited number of potential insights by virtue of algorithms and computing power that far exceed our own." Our approach is to go through a process of data visualization using our Energy Worksite solution. This allows us to get a quick overview of the energy consumption of a building, identify outliers, and gain rapid knowledge about over-consuming, under-consuming, or on target buildings and metered systems. From there we can apply and . Our Outcome-Based Fault Detection solution includes a layer of intelligence that keeps evolving and improving. It works on the cadence of detecting, prioritizing, and validating system faults, most of which would go undetected without the deep analytical insights our platform affords. #CloudSolutions

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No Limit Technology

What is the best tip to remember when it comes to staffing your company? Start small at first and then build up. Nothing is worse than hiring too many and finding out that you don’t need them all! . . solutions

Conheça o SITE AJUDA da SKYMAIL Criado para dar respostas rápidas e soluções imediatas para suas dúvidas! O portal oferece tutoriais simples e intuitivos, que irão te ajudar com mais agilidade de forma online. #cloudsolutions

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