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Mickey Mouse Degree is a term for university #degree courses regarded as useless or irrelevant in the labour market. For example, degrees in "golf management"and "David Beckham Studies" are not only too specialised — they’re also considered useless by many employers. - What constitutes a degree is a heated debate among students. Go to any forum on the subject and you’ll find students debating and defending their courses to the death! We’re not pointing fingers at any particular subject and declaring it useless. Rather, we’re inviting you to question the relevance of your degree before committing to it! - When you are going to invest so much in your degree, the last thing you want is to find out is that your degree was just useless!💸 - hongkong

my DD105 module books just got delivered! now i’m even more excited to start 🥰💪🏼 #degree

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Global visa Centre

Your overseas adventure is waiting find your perfect fit for studying abroad /ltharha ) #degree

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🌟【QS排名–農業與林業】🌟 ☑️2019 Agriculture and Forestry ⭕️英國排名 ⭕️臺灣排名 ⭕️韓國排名 QS Ranking官方網頁連結🔗:https://bit.ly/2tJEBAh ========================================== 如需代辦簽證或申請留學,歡迎聯絡查詢 📞: +852 6313 6356 ✉️: elai91807@gmail.com FB: 英韓台簽證代辦 IG: visa_application_uk_kr_tw 微博: 英韓台簽證代辦 #degree

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