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Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Ойрдоо Bullet Journal буюу төлөвлөгч дэвтэр их цэгцтэй сонирхолтой санагдаад байгаа. БуЖо-той холбоотой пост их орно байх. БуЖо хөтөлдөг охидууд маань зөвлөх зүйл байвал зөвлөөрэй баярлалаа. • • • • • • • • #discoverbulletjournal

🇨🇵 - Nouvelle double page de ce Setup 2019. Mon objectif de cette fin d'année c'est de perdre kilos que j'ai pris en arrêtant la cigarette 🤗. J'espère que cette page m'aidera à tenir cet engagement 🤞 ! . . . 🇦🇺 - New page of my 2019 setup. My goal for the end of this years is to lose the weight that I took when I quit smoking! 🤗 I hope this page will help me to keep this commitment 🤞! . . . #discoverbulletjournal

allie with the journal ✨ (@alliejournals) Instagram Profile Photo

allie with the journal ✨

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

👀 it’s my first post! hey y’all! 👀 I an ateur with the whole thing but I’ve been journaling in random notebooks for years! I’m still getting my style worked out but I’d love to connect with people!!! I need some 🙌

Nicole Amy • Art & Stories (@the.colourful.chronicoles) Instagram Profile Photo

Nicole Amy • Art & Stories

London, United Kingdom

See, I haven’t fully given up the , I just have other things I wanted to share with y’all and put my energy into! . Here is this weeks spread, I’m currently reading the by Ryder Carol (aka @bulletjournal) and it’s very intriguing/inspiring and I slowly implementing the proper practice! . Have you read it? . . . . . . #discoverbulletjournal

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