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Toya Nelson (@toytoy11_) Instagram Profile Photo

Toya Nelson

Noah Staashaught (@noah.staashaught) Instagram Profile Photo

Noah Staashaught

1 MONTH POST LIVER TRANSPLANT!!! 8.18.19 The difference one month makes. Genevie is thriving post transplant. Her eyes and skin are no longer yellow, her cheeks are filling in, and her hair is crazy as ever. The first pic is her today ready for bedtime. The second pic is Genevie hours before transplant. We were in her hospital room waiting to be called down to the O.R. Miracles do exist 🙏👶🏽 #DonateLife

JJ's Legacy (@jjs_legacy) Instagram Profile Photo

JJ's Legacy

Over 113,000 men, women and children are waiting on a lifesaving transplant.⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ #DonateLife

Christina Hunter (@the_nutrition_cowgirl) Instagram Profile Photo

Christina Hunter

A post from a friend that deeply touched me! I a donor!! #donatelife

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Brandy Little

Saint Thomas - Midtown Hospital

Had a blast at the Saint Thomas NICU reunion. So many little ones and families who spent time in NICU and have so much to celebrate. Thanks to the amazing doctors and nurses who sacrifice time to care for all those who have a tough start. Ryman was only there for a few hours but they were the most important ones! ❤️ # #donatelife

Shari Watson (@imdivingin) Instagram Profile Photo

Shari Watson

@beth.mcgrory777 • • • • • • Meet Sasha, her mom Tracey needs a kidney. My friend Tracey @traceyleeandrews lives in the Charlotte NC area. She’s been waiting for almost 5 years. If you would like more information on how you can help Tracey, please DM me. Or you can call the Living Donor office at Atrium Health at 704-355-3602. Thank you!!! **** • #donatelife

Archer’s Alpha Angels (@archersalphaangels) Instagram Profile Photo

Archer’s Alpha Angels

Just like that Arch is back at school!!! Arch was super excited to be starting today, until we got in the car, his was massive. There was some tears & fears, he is so stressed that he has barely been at school for the last 2.5 years & that he is so far behind. Some breathing exercises, a reminder from me how azing & brave he is, that it is a battle but not as big as getting a new liver or a broken arm. That he is clever & has a big te of azing & dedicated people that will get him through this. A reluctant dragging his feet walk in, a reassurance from me that I will stay at the school & he was in the classroom. Saw him sitting next to his mate Nate. So proud of him, I had to keep my tears & fears at bay, I truly cannot believe that he is back to being a school boy. My heart is full, my head has a million emotions running through but beyond stoked that this chpion is here with us & starting his life as a “normal” 8 year old school boy ❤️❤️ Arch will return on staggered hours to build up his stina, with the aim of starting back full time next year, if it happens sooner than that’s great. Most long time Transplant kids returning to school suffer from learning fatigue as they have generally missed a lot of school & being so very sick. So a slow start is needed & work at their own individual paces to get back to being full time. We are so incredibly lucky to have such an azing te at Archer’s school, who has supported us pre & now post transplant. It takes so much stress away from me to know he is in the best school for his needs & they are with him every step of the way ❤️ Today especially is when I send the biggest thank you to our angel, what a te they make 👊👊❤️❤️ This teary mum is going to pull herself together & look forward to hearing how his 1st time back is. I need to start thinking of what I going to do next! I haven’t been able to work for the last 8 years & have been running on adrenaline for the last 5 years! I cannot wait to getting back to just living a new “normal” & seeing what that entails. Much love Nikks xxx #donatelife

Gift Of Life (@donors1) Instagram Profile Photo

Gift Of Life

During the month of July, 39 local donors gave the gift of life to save 104 other people. Additionally, 192 exclusive tissue donors donated tissue grafts that can be used in approximately 14,400 life-enhancing surgeries. The generosity displayed in these numbers is immeasurable. Thank you to all donors and donor families who have given the gift of life. 💙💚 * * * * * donation donationawareness #donatelife donor

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