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Looney & Conrad,  P.C. (@looney_conrad) Instagram Profile Photo

Looney & Conrad, P.C.

Do you need help with a legal issue? Come by Newman's Bakery in Bellville on the front porch to talk to a lawyer! Saturdays 8:30am-9:30am. Questions? 979-826-8484 #DUILawyer www.LooneyConrad.com

Law Office of Raphael Scheetz (@scheetzlaw) Instagram Profile Photo

Law Office of Raphael Scheetz

Marion, Iowa

When life throws you a curve ball, hit it out of the park. Hire a great lawyer.⠀ ⠀ At the Law Office of Raphael M. Scheetz we have a reputation for a high level of integrity, professionalism, and most importantly, delivering results. ⠀ ⠀ Call us today to discuss your case.⠀ ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ ⠀ lawyer lawyer

Screwston Texas!

It’s true! Let us work our magic! Call us today! 281-939-8839 DISCLAIMER: Statements made in this post are considered mere puffery. Actual results may vary depending on your case. Please do not rely on this advertisement to your detriment. Please consult with counsel before deciding to believe thus said aforementioned statements in this post. Please consult with a doctor prior to fully reading this post should you have medical conditions easily excited by comical legalize used to confuse yet provoke a response one would commonly refer to as a “laugh”. The term “laugh” is defined under a reasonable person standard yet may be open to interpretation. If you didn’t get all of this, it’s a JOKE! LOL defendmetexas.com lawyer

Joey Gilbert Law (@joeygilbert_law) Instagram Profile Photo

Joey Gilbert Law

SAVE our number in your contacts under JOEY GILBERT so you always know who to call if you’re in a legal JAM: JOEY GILBERT 775-210-1501. yer

Gary Trichter (@garytrichter) Instagram Profile Photo

Gary Trichter

6 CRITICAL ELEMENTS OF YOUR DWI DEFENSE: 1. A thorough investigation of the facts and the law. 2. A review of all audio/video recordings. 3. Knowledge of the police motor skill exercises and their grading. 4. Extensive knowledge of police breath & testing devices. 5. Extensive experience in motion hearings and trials. 6. A lawyer who works their tail off to turn over every stone to protect both your license and your good name. TRICHTER ✪ LEGRAND ❯❯ 5 Star Rated By Clients Free Consultation ❯❯ 713-524-1010 lawyer

Law Offices Joshua Benjamin (@jab_law_offices) Instagram Profile Photo

Law Offices Joshua Benjamin

Do you know what Rico is? Well here’s a quick lesson on today’s free advice Friday! @jablaw opened The Law Offices of Joshua A Benjamin for one reason to help as many people as possible. You see, we believe that no one should be taken advantage of and everyone deserves a fighting chance. Have a legal question? Reach out to schedule a free ten minute phone consultation! (856) 477 - 3261 or schedule online at www.thejablaw.com Immigration services: + N-400 and other naturalization services; + Asylum; + Family based immigration petitions, And more! Check out our website for a full list of immigration services. Criminal defense services: + Aggravated Assault + Homicide + Theft + Drug offenses + traffic matters And more! Check out our website for a full list of criminal defense services. Book your free consultation today! #duilawyer

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