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CONFLICT & CARNAGE LTD (@conflict_and_carnage) Instagram Profile Photo


“ I HUNT THE EVIL, YOU PRETEND DOESN’T EXIST” . Everyone pretends the sheepdog doesn’t exist, until the wolf is at the door. . #duty

lady who keep going (@pt.wandererx1112) Instagram Profile Photo

lady who keep going

I just need your attention! สนใจอาหน่อยฮะ 555 . . . #duty

Kumar Ashish (@ashiships) Instagram Profile Photo

Kumar Ashish

Substitute your worry with your work and see miracles happen! #duty

Dave Barrie (@davebarrie) Instagram Profile Photo

Dave Barrie

Virtue: Heroic Courage TAG a friend who pushes themselves to the jagged edges of their psychology, and emotionality limits to evolve. Because as Robert Lewis Stevenson said “Only those who go to their limits can allow their limits to expand.” Can you own your pure heroism? How will you step into unchained exceptionalism? The prize: there’s no greater price to pay then your own personal liberation, the keys 🔐 🔑 are already in your hands. Free yourself from any mental prison. BECAUSE We’re eternally transforming human beings😊🌟 here to evolve to entirely new ways of living. #Duty On November 18th I will complete my “Heroes Journey” full circle. Can you make one of your childhood dreams a reality?

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