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Thrifty Nina Closet (@thrifty.nina.closet) Instagram Profile Photo

Thrifty Nina Closet

Nor sure if I was mad or smart buying this lot 😂 £18 for 12 brand new knitted mermaid tail blankets. Popped each one in a nice bag and selling for £10 each 🤷‍♀️ Christmas is coming up so could be a nice profit 🤔 #ebayreseller

I have this vintage leather trench here that I broke the button and need to sew it back on. But this jacket has an odour and I can’t stand it! It just smells old LOL. My garage smells from it. I know some vintage lover would love it but I’m seriously thinking of donating it back! Talk me out of it and tell me it will be a worthwhile sale! #ebayreseller

Victor Hughley (@vicsellsfba81) Instagram Profile Photo

Victor Hughley

Been busy working on my Ebay store and one thing I know about selling on eBay is the photo is 🔑. Made this makeshift booth to shoot photos of my products. Only cost me $5 to make. Ain’t the best but it’ll do!!!

Best Kept Secret Finds (@bestkeptsecretfinds) Instagram Profile Photo

Best Kept Secret Finds

First Saturday carboot. Found some great shoes . Fit flop trainers, Russell & Bromley flats .Talolo wellies. All three for £8. reseller

Just wanted to share a negative part of this business, which are returns. Every reseller deals with them, unfortunately we had two today. Guess what tomorrow is a new day and we move on to the next sale. Every business have negative and positive experiences, but its how you deal with them that pushes you through. Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend. reseller

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