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Live to Sustain

San Diego, California

Did you know ants use pheromones to communicate? They can communicate a path to food or even danger. Pheromones also allow ants to distinguish between different ant families. . . #ecosystems

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Confederation College

This is what Back to School shopping looks like when you’re a Forestry & Ecosystems Management student! What’s on your list for the new school year? Thanks to @megnatsukashii for sharing this photo with us. s

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Claire Marshall

A nettle. It allowed me to hold it. The heart-fibre makes the strongest natural fibre known to man. . They should also be cherished as hosts to caterpillars, food for red admirals and other butterfly species - and three dozen types of moth. They are also plucked by birds, that use them as nesting material. . But to many, they are pests, to be poisoned, or ripped up. Along with brambles. And rampant elders. . This is contributing to the “great thinning”: the disappearance of our countryside creatures. . I’ve done a report on this for PM on Radio 4 tomorrow, along with the Six and Ten O’Clock news. I went to the haven of Knepp ... and met farmers who say they can make space for wildlife while producing food for humans ... . . . #ecosystems @kneppsafaris @bbcnews


is excited to introduce 🎙️Ian Hathaway as part of this week's focus on our Ecosystems theme. Ian is a 💻technology and 🚀startup analyst, strategic advisor, 📚writer and investor. He is the founder and managing director of Hillgate Partners, and a research leader at the Center for American Entrepreneurship. Ian works with startups and supports founders on their journey to 📈success. 👆Click on the link in bio to learn more about Ian and other speakers coming to !👆 #ecosystems

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