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Elia | Judy Blue Designs (@judybluedesigns) Instagram Profile Photo

Elia | Judy Blue Designs


For the romantics out there! I really love Emperor Penguins ❤️ This will be up on the shop later today #emperorpenguin

Clayton S. (@fivel503) Instagram Profile Photo

Clayton S.

SeaWorld San Diego

Was visiting the penguin enclosure at SeaWorld San Diego and this fellow was standing at the top of the tallest rock. Triumphant and proud after pushing a smaller fellow off his rock! The red glow and his proud stance... He is the emperor all right, of the fire nation. He watches his flockarmy as they prepare to set upon the world... Or whoever has all the fish at least! penguin

김아롬새미(Arom) (@aromsaemi_draw) Instagram Profile Photo


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