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PALETTE ON / 팔레트온 공식 계정 (@palette_on_eyewear) Instagram Profile Photo

PALETTE ON / 팔레트온 공식 계정

Ainsley 애인슬리 c.04 . . www.palette-on.com

PALETTE ON / 팔레트온 공식 계정 (@palette_on_eyewear) Instagram Profile Photo

PALETTE ON / 팔레트온 공식 계정

Ainsley 애인슬리 c.04 . . www.palette-on.com

Vue Vision Centre (@vuevisioncentre) Instagram Profile Photo

Vue Vision Centre

Vue Vision Centre has the finest selection of unique frames and glasses that will set you apart from the crowd . #eyeglasses

Wink Optics • San Anselmo Ca (@winkoptics2) Instagram Profile Photo

Wink Optics • San Anselmo Ca

Petaluma, California

Jacques Marie Mage available at Wink Optics in San Anselmo, California in Marin County, California! J.M.M. WORKBOOK SUMMER 2019: THE CIRCA ACETATE COLLECTION The unique colorways, sculptural shapes, and reflective volumes that have become the hallmark of the Circa Acetate Collection are created through a complex production process overseen by our esteemed manufacturing partners in Japan. The collection introduces a range of rare subtleties, decorations, and innovative components, all of which celebrate a strong and unique ocular identity. Features include mineral glass lenses; finely worked metal detailing in both sterling silver and 18k gold; custom rivet and engraved wire core designs; a proprietary concealed hinge system; and our signature domed cameo logo. ARROWHEAD Our custom signature arrowhead hardware is a nod to the timeless quality of those pointed projectiles used through- out human civilization. DOUBLE ARROWHEAD HINGE A custom hinge system featuring an intricately crafted, double arrowhead monoblock construction that utilizes a duel-rivet locking mechanism. CUSTOM RIVETS Custom spur-shaped hardware rivets made of 18k gold or sterling silver adorn Circa Collection stems, designed after the classic 8-toothed wheel fixed onto a horse rider’s heel in order to help them steer. MONOBLOCK HINGE Our custom one-piece monobock hinge system provides a secure and stable transition from frame front to temple. DOME LOGO The domed metal logo found on the inside temple of each spectacle is a heraldic crest created in the fashion of French First Empire cameo jewelry. #eyeglasses @pacificsunweekly @marinmagazine @marin_ij Shopsmall

纒オプティカル/マトイニコメ (@matoioptical) Instagram Profile Photo


▶︎こんばんは、うどんです🧘‍♀️ . メガネって汗かいたり、 ちょっと激しく動くとズレません? . >(うんうん、ずれる〜!) . 日常生活でも汗かきますよね。 . >(うんうん) . スポーツやフィットネスで汗かいたり🏌️‍♀️ . >(あーわかる) . ライブで頭ブンブン振り回したり... . >(?うどんさんライブ行くのかな) . まあ私ライブ行きませんけど... . >(行かないんかいっ) . でも行くかもしれませんから、今回は「ズレにくさ」を重視しての企画でございます。ドドン💥 . >(ほうほう、そういうことね。やっぱり軽さかな) . 軽さも大事だけど、調整すればズレにくくなるよ✨ . >(鼻の高さはやっぱ重要でしょ?) . 輪郭に合わせてキチンと調整すれば 鼻の低さは関係なーーーい!私も低い!🐽 . ズレるのが心配な方はシリコンパッドに変えればかなりズレにくくなるし、 記事で紹介したフレームはかなりズレないので 気になる方はお店でヘドバンしてみてください。 今年は終わったかもだけど、音楽フェスにも重宝しそうね!🎸 . ○Z-PARTS/Z-114 (¥27,000) ○SPEC ESPACE/ES-1772 (¥40,000) ○AKITTO/FIT1 (¥30,000) ○THEO/DAUPHINOIS (¥56,984) 税抜き価格です。 . #eyeglasses

iEye Indonesia (@ieye.id) Instagram Profile Photo

iEye Indonesia

The irresistible sunglasses from our Spring Summer Collection by @esprit. (ESPRIT 39073-515) . Find our sunglasses and frames collection at: . - Optik Belyna (Lippo Mal Puri) - iEye (Baywalk Mal) - iEye (Kota Kasablanka Mal) - iEye (Taman Anggrek Mal) - iEye (Lippo Mal Kemang) - iEye (Lotte Shopping Avenue) - iEye (Supermal Karawaci) - iEye (Pasaraya Blok M) - iEye (Pakuwon Mal, Surabaya) - iEye (Hartono Mal, Jogyakarta) - iEye (Mall of Indonesia)    #eyeglasses

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