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Cesar Gomez (@cesargomez909) Instagram Profile Photo

Cesar Gomez

Happy Thursday to all. You can only fake your way to others that are fake, but the real growth and values of a person stand out by their actions and game plans not words. I encourage everyone to stop faking it til you make it.

Brittney Beebe (@honeybeebe90) Instagram Profile Photo

Brittney Beebe

We all know plans get ruined, changes, cancelled, put on hold ... It just happens. But it doesn't mean we give up the goal. For the Longest time I thought there was only ONE way to get to my goal and I was so blinded by this plan I forget that sometimes God will nudge you over and over until he shuts it down and forces you to take another path. There's a reason why, it's not our job to know the future, but it is to trust and have faith in his plan. God WANTS you to be successful, but he wants you to work for it. I left a company several months ago and it was a huge turning point, I felt defeated, like a quitter, guilty and ashed and I allowed other people's opinions make me feel like that. God loves me, he does not care what company I with! So it was silly to be upset over all of it. I feel so much more free, I can breathe, I feel real, I feel like I'm becoming who I'm supposed to be. Digging in my heels when the answer was no, wasn't going to do or prove anything besides prove I'm stubborn. I didn't give up or give in. I'm keeping my goal to give HIM my all and give my fily my all💜 I'll forever love network marketing but I'm done with MLMs and I'm so thankful for this new opportunity that I have just fallen in love with🙌 #fakeittilyoumakeitIsBull

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