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Andrew Skowron

Around 80,000 chinchillas are farmed for fur in Europe. Usually, they are electrocuted before they are skinned, but there have been evidence of farm employees abusing the animals by breaking their necks while still alive.

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Compassionate Bay


Californians! Make a 1 minute call during normal business hours to ask Governor Newsom to sign , the fur trapping ban bill, into law! Instructions: dxe.io/action. Link in bio! alliance alliance

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Djurens Rätt

Det är alltid någon som betalar priset för pälsplagget! 😔 freealliance

Andrew Skowron (@andrewskowron) Instagram Profile Photo

Andrew Skowron

Chinchillas can live up to 20 years. On fur farms they are killed after only 8 months. [ Chinchilla fur farm, Ukraine 2019 ]

High fashion is finally going fur-free, and ethically sourced. Via @latimes http://bit.ly/Fashions-Great-Awokening • • • • • • Alliance

Nije tvoj krzneni ukras! #FurFreeAlliance

Industrija krzna utiče na životnu sredinu 🍂 #FurFreeAlliance

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