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Hey guys I’m @garyvee’s Brother Larry Vee. He didn’t want me to show you these secrets we used to get ridiculously rich but I’m gonna do it anyways cause I care about you guys. Tune into my next video, subscribe to my IG page and YouTube channel. We’re gonna make everyone billionaires and plant trees all over the Amazon forest and it where gonna convert the Sahara into a forest too! All the secrets are right here on my page so tag 3 friends and tell your friends to tag 3 more friends and tell their friends to also tag 3 friends. #garyvee

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Investing money is the process of committing resources in a strategic way to accomplish a smart objective of tomorrow A good investment is the intersection of economics and psychology because,you feel its impact in your financial life Send a message request and I'll guide you through the various steps in getting started on trading binary options . . #garyvee

Fear is an enemy of success. Fear stop you from achieving your goals, fear stop you from moving forward. Stop being afraid,kill the fear in you and start now to invest in yourself via binary trade using bitcoin. Bitcoin is one of the greatest crypto currency investment that has changed so many life, don't be left out, start now. DM me for updates on how to trade wisely,I'm a binary trade expert and I help individual trade for a fixed %. Trade with me today and make huge profits after trading. . . . #garyvee

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It doesn’t always work out like this.... SOMETIMES ITS BETTER 🔥 And of course sometimes you leave empty handed But that’s normal, w regular effort and a bit of knowledge and technology you will win far more than you lose Mind your budget, stay at it and your capital will grow Of course as a newer amazon seller, you will not be able to sell most big name brands, BUT don’t worry.. Because if you’re serious about selling on amazon and you put that work in... In 6-12 months you will begin to be allowed to sell in many of these brands This is Amazon making sure they don’t let amateur sellers ruin the customer experience and that makes sense So what’s the move??? IMO you should sell books+ whatever you can sell (whatever you’re allowed to sell) and when you find stuff you can’t sell on amazon, make sure to check eBay,poshmark, Mercari, Chairish, Etsy etc to see if you can flip it elsewhere for a healthy profit Amazon is a long game and this is still the beginning of the golden age of ecommerce It’s not too late to get in Comment down below if you want to start selling on amazon but don’t have a clue on how to get started And REMEMBER.... If you ain’t flippin, you slippin! 📹 Edit by @berny.ortega - hit him up for your shortform content needs 😉 #garyvee @reezyresells

So this is from 1 out of 2 bags that I got from the bins earlier this week. Other than 1 estate sale today, no garage sailing for me. So I just took my pictures and will now spend the rest of the day listing them on mult platforms. Did anyone find any good items today?

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