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Lee-Ann Olwage


A new project created in collaboration with activist and drag artist @belinda_qaqba_kafassie "I have decided to be myself. I a gender non-conforming and I want to be a role to the future generations of s to come. I want to become the role I never saw in the streets of Kayandi. Someone who is unapologetically gender non-conforming and who navigate their lives against all the hostile odds of living in the township." - Liyana Arianna Madikizela The project tells the stories of black , gender-nonconforming and bodies who were born or grew up in the townships of Cape Town, where they have to navigate their daily lives. The project is about augmenting the power in these stories of daily township spatial navigation, migration, culture-,gender- and - identity. The project was created to serve as a platform of expression for black bodies where they were invited to co-create images they felt told their stories in a way that is affirming and celebratory. Assistant: @dewaldbruwer #girlgaze

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