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Katharina Tudsen (@katharinatudsen) Instagram Profile Photo

Katharina Tudsen

St. Kilda

Soay as seen from The Cambir on Hirta and from boat. The name Soay means "sheep island" which is a very fitting name considering the fact that Soay was and still is home to the Soay Sheep, one of the most primitive breed of domestic sheep that were brought to the island by the Norsemen or the Vikings. It is the 2nd largest island of the St Kilda archipelago, separated from Hirta only by a narrow chasm. #gotostkilda

Basil Wolfrhine (@wolfrhine) Instagram Profile Photo

Basil Wolfrhine

Awesome, to wear a kilt all over the world. Greetings from the edge of the world, Hirta, St Kilda - Scotland. May music inspire your moment and take you to the land of freedom - Scotland ; -) #gotostkilda

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