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Kseniya Suhaka (Ксения Сугако) (@kseniya.chameleon) Instagram Profile Photo

Kseniya Suhaka (Ксения Сугако)

Wachale Photos | Photographer (@wachalephotos) Instagram Profile Photo

Wachale Photos | Photographer

____SHABEER__SHABI____ (@____shabeer__shabi____) Instagram Profile Photo


Graphic Designer Flyers Logo + (@newempiregfx) Instagram Profile Photo

Graphic Designer Flyers Logo +

Edgar’s kid 🇵🇭 (@least_icandrawabit) Instagram Profile Photo

Edgar’s kid 🇵🇭

I freed the old school Tag Team Champions today from Storage lock up. ‘Bout to be self sufficient AF. @kilatwill @palm_springs_problem @dakoosinswindow @him1979art I’m bout that hands on labor, ninjaz.👊🏽 er

Deidre McGloster (@artistry.of.an.aries) Instagram Profile Photo

Deidre McGloster

Flyer #graphicdesigner

Tré Mark™ (@tre.mark1) Instagram Profile Photo

Tré Mark™

When you look at this logo, you see a camera looking icon. When you rotate the image to the left you'll notice the letters LS. I thought it was an interesting approach to add a little bit of activity to a logo leaving something for future customers to discover with elegance and finnese. . . . . . . . . . . er

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