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Console Vault, LLC (@consolevault) Instagram Profile Photo

Console Vault, LLC

2-DAYS LEFT! Don't Miss Out! Get 10% off your complete order! Use coupon code Summer19IG at checkout: https://www.consolevault.com! Sale ends 8-23-19 #gunsafe

Police are investigating after a woman was shot and killed during an apparent home invasion Wednesday morning in the 1000 block of Delowe Drive. A woman was found with a gunshot to the head. Police said the victim was taken to a local hospital where she died. Two armed men are believed to have forced everybody inside of the apartment or may have broken into the home, where the shooting took place. No one has been taken into custody in the case. When the incidents occur, YOU are the First Responder! The police will arrive to react to the incident AFTER it has occurred (or at best, after it has begun). Not sure what much could have been done in this instance. Someone with some training in trauma medicine may have been able to act to help stabilize her during the time spent waiting on EMS. Hopefully, they catch these goons. Stay alert. Train. Carry Concealed and be prepared to act to save your own life or the life of those you care about. Be humble. Be safe. Condolences to those affected by this.... #gunsafe

Console Vault, LLC (@consolevault) Instagram Profile Photo

Console Vault, LLC

"Our console vault [in-vechicle safe] is simply the best security option we found for keeping our firearms and valuables discreetly concealed." Are you ready to protect your firearms and valuables? Get your in-vehicle safe today at consolevault.com! . . safe

Wilde Custom Gear (@wildecustomgear) Instagram Profile Photo

Wilde Custom Gear

Wilde Custom Gear

You know you need more magazine storage in that gun safe! Expand the storage capacity of your gun safe. Imagine the possibilities with a large MOLLE panel inside your safe door. Get the best and system with our to your afe for a fit! afe

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SecureIt Gun Storage

Have you checked out the NEW Agile Ultralight Quad Expansion line? The Agile Quad Plus(pictured) is among some of our best that are now available with accessories included! Head to our website to see the full line up! 👉⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ afe ⁣⁠

Liberty Safe Chattanooga (@liberty_safes_chattanooga) Instagram Profile Photo

Liberty Safe Chattanooga

Randy's Pawn Shop

Sneak peek inside our awesome Lincoln 25 Liberty Safe!! Love all the storage space👌#gunsafe

New safe finally arrived today. Excited to get this bolted down and fill her up! afe

Fort Scott Munitions (@fortscottmunitions) Instagram Profile Photo

Fort Scott Munitions

Fort Scott, Kansas

We are excited to welcome American Rebel safes into our store! They are fire rated and come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. They come with a bunch of extras and they offer a warranty that’s hard to beat. Keep your guns, valuables, and ammo safe. Come see us in the shop for pricing and details! Wednesday through Friday 10am-7pm and Saturday 10am-5pm. . . #gunsafe

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