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Gunsmith- Okeechobee, Fl (@gunsmith863) Instagram Profile Photo

Gunsmith- Okeechobee, Fl

Engraved Colt Python in the shop for Reassembly. Gorgeous Work. #gunsmith

Ruger AR 556, in 5.56. Customer wanted a low flow gas block put on (I like the Troy brand). The factory style A post was blocking his scope view. I’ve run into several Rugers where the Delta ring was excessively tight, I use a strap wrench to loose them. All of us in the “gun world” are guilty of making light of people for not doing jobs like this themselves. I have much more respect for this customer, who told me this was not in his skill set, rather than FUBARing the job then bringing it to me. The transmission on my truck went out about a year ago, I took it to a transmission mechanic, who had the skill and tools to do the job correctly the first time. I’m not a transmission mechanic. Test fire was perfect! Whynot Gunsmith Shop Meridian, Mississippi Facebook: Whynot Gunsmith Shop Instagram: vance_gunsmith mith

Carper Custom Gunsmith (@carper_custom_gunsmith) Instagram Profile Photo

Carper Custom Gunsmith

Any guesses on caliber? ———————————————— #gunsmith

Lewman Arms (@lewmanarms) Instagram Profile Photo

Lewman Arms

A few more shots on the CZ progress. #gunsmith

GYM & THE GUN RANGE🏀💥🔫 (@hellpupak47eazy) Instagram Profile Photo


😳Shocking group of people attacked a black man who was walking down the street the two families have a history of beefing with each other‼️ #gunsmith #gunsmith 🏁HIT THE FOLLOW BUTTON AND FOLLOW ME FOR MORE CAUGHT ON CAMERA VIDEOS

I.S Sweetman Gunmaker (@gunmaking_uk) Instagram Profile Photo

I.S Sweetman Gunmaker

“Chalking up” the proof marks prior to tinning on a 1/4 rib. This simple step keep excess tin out and saves any problems cleaning them later.

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