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Watching some martial arts movies today starting off with Steven seagal’s classic hard to (1990) Left for dead with his wife ed in their house, L.A. Detective Mason Storm will have to make a quick recovery, expose those behind the and take revenge.

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The SC Strong

Definitely more of a modest cheat meal. Had a crazy sweet tooth though. For those who don't know, as of now I'm on the and utilizing . I'm extremely disciplined on my diet, and never waiver. Every 7 to 10 days I give myself a cheat window (4-8) hours to eat whatever I want. Doing this reset my metabolism, and helps me to continue to lose weight. My cheat meal usually consists of smashing multiple restaurants back to back. GO HARD!!!! This was today's adventure................. .... ........................@bruteforcesandbags @onpointsupplements @bornprimitive @555fitness @o.f.p.lifestyle @core24gvl #hardtokill

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Mitch Wedebrand

CrossFit Virtus Prairieville

Single arm dumbbell overhead lunges into some devil press. First time doing devil presses. Going to be adding these to the training more often! . . . #hardtokill

Well, that sucked! 1100m under load. The sled drag is tough due to differing roughness of my street. I hit some areas where the sled just bites in and pulls me back onto my heels. Good work out overall. Loving the mini farmer carry handles. #hardtokill

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Brooklyn, New York

Según varios reportes, entre los planes de Disney, y sus propiedades de FOX, estaría el reboot de DurodeMatar 🎥 Interesante datito no ? #hardtokill

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Sketch Ditty

After a very tough day, I was reminded that everything can suddenly become very good very quickly with a few moments of fresh air and listening to the world around me. Don’t flush any day completely down the drain because it seems to be going south. We have a finite number of them. There’s always time to reclaim the day. And a good cigar and glass of brandy helps... #hardtokill

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