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brittany norman (@vamgal107) Instagram Profile Photo

brittany norman

Credit to from @bensontheoddcat (@get_regrann) - One year ago today, Benson joined our family! He has brought so much love and silliness into our lives. (And head bonks. So many head bonks.) In honor of Benson's day, we want to give a shout out to @theoddcatsanctuary. If there is one cat rescue group to donate to, this is it. They care deeply about cats who often get passed over due to medical issues. To donate, go to https://www.paypal.com/paypalme2/TheOddCatSanctuary . Every little bit helps! Thanks to all of Benson's for loving this big lug as much as we do. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ . #helpanimals

محمد افتخاری (@mohammad.eftekhari.1371) Instagram Profile Photo

محمد افتخاری


😔سگ ها را نکشید! دنیا خالی از وفا می‌شود! این بار سومی که این متن رو نوشتم!!! اینجا کشوریه که دم از تمدن و فرهنگ غنی میزنیم اما حییون صفتهایی داریم از جنس انسان. فکرم به جایی قد نمیده که چیکار میشه کرد.فقط میتونم کشورای دیگه و فعالهای دیگه رو با خبر کنم تا شاید اونجا بتونن جلو این حرومزاده هارو بگیرن.خوب ببینید فیلمارو. کجای دنیا از این وحشیگیریا انجام میدن؟ @parvizparastouei @leonardodicaprio @peta @animalplanet @natgeo @petersantenello @wheresjpnow هر ارگان خارجی یا حامی خارجی که میتونید رو بگید تگ کنم شاید صدامون رو کسی شنید😔 animals

Fanta The Lamb (@fantathelamb) Instagram Profile Photo

Fanta The Lamb

New Zealand

Very happy to find Mr Super Purple Hoof Beansy Boy 🐏walking well this morning, even running 🙌. He has his glow 😇 back and he’s clearly feeling much better. You can see how much better he feels when he runs through the gate shaking his head, that means, ‘look human daddy I can run! 🎉’. His limp was very bad yesterday so this is a relief😅. Frosty got an extra bonus this morning for sticking by Beans when he was down. Frosty even came up into the pen when Beans was being treated and didn’t leave. Good boy Frosty. Today Beans will be making up for lost munching time. He will be filling his belly with fresh grass followed by a snooze in the sun 🌞. . Look how small Beans wool-angel-wings are, they have halved in size over the last week so they probably won’t be around much longer. They are like a flower 🌺 that blooms once a year 👼😊💫🤗🐏. @fantathelamb •🐏 •🌱 •🐏 •🌱 •🐏 •🌱 •🐏 •🌱 •🐏 •🌱 #helpanimals

Hey hey everyone! Sparrow here! So, the other day my friend comes and scoops me up for what I think is just a car ride...YAY! However she took me to the vets and they did a thing and now I’m neutered, whatever that means?!? What I do know is that now I’m completely ready to find my very own home. I’ve never had it easy. I had to fend for myself for quite some time, then I thought I caught a lucky break and nope, I got attacked by the dogs there. So because of all of this, I dog selective. I won’t keep you guessing though, I know immediately if I like someone or not. I prefer females! I’m a lady’s man, what can I say?! I have a temper when it comes to the dogs that I do not like, so I’ll need someone who understands me and keeps me out of trouble. I promise I’m worth it!! I mean c’mon, it’s not like all of you humans like every single other human you meet? 😉 There’s this lady who takes care of me and hangs out with me and she thinks I’m special. She sees past my “flaws” and knows that I have the potential to be an awesome dog given the right circumstances. She knows how hard I try. I love to snuggle with her and play ball and she makes the best peanut butter bones! She always wipes my eyes (don’t tell anyone but when I’m all alone in my kennel, sometimes I cry and she knows I don’t want anyone to know, that’s why she wipes my eyes all the time) and then she gives me kisses on my nose and tells me that she loves me and I’ll find my person soon. I really wish I could have my own special person to do those things for me. I’d give just about anything to have a normal dog’s life. If you would like to be Sparrow’s special person, please fill out the application below. Sparrow is with Helping Hearts & Healing Tails Animal Rescue. Please PM here or on Facebook to ask for an application! https://www.helpingheartshealingtails.org/application-to-adopt.html 🐾 #helpanimals

Rescue Dogs Rock Animal Rescue (@rescue_dogs_rock) Instagram Profile Photo

Rescue Dogs Rock Animal Rescue

Such a bittersweet adoption for me, personally. In the 10+ years I've been doing rescue, we have had hundreds of dogs come through the rescue. I love every single one of them. But sometimes.... Sometimes there is a dog that my soul instantly clicks with. Its that se feeling we all felt when we first laid eyes on all our current pets. Even if I never met the dog in person, I still can feel it. Ricky Spanish is one of those dogs. It may not have been in the stars that I should be his momma, but I have no doubt at all he was meant to come to us. His owner - who was clearly mentally unstable - was actually punching and screing at him as she surrendered him. He was grossly underweight and u could see his hip bones and his ribs. Despite this, he never - and I mean never - ever showed anything other than pure genuine love and devotion. His heart did not hold back at all and - more importantly - he allowed himself to BE loved. That is sometimes hard for those that have been taught that human touch is painful. But he was stronger than whatever that POS did to him. She didn't break him. Ricky was adopted today to his forever fily. I so beyond thrilled for him to finally have his OWN fily and his OWN home. I will be honest and say that a part of me wished it could have been MY fily and MY home that he went to. But again - that was not his purpose in coming to us. His new fily will give him the all love he could ever want. So for that I so grateful. And yes - even now, I still so so love this part

☯️هر شهروند، یک حامی☯️ (@animals_of_ahvaz) Instagram Profile Photo

☯️هر شهروند، یک حامی☯️

° ° 🎗️ مروارید خانم بالاخره بعد از یک هفته دوری، به آغوش خانواده بازگشت... ممنون از خاله پرنیان گل که توی این مدت مراقبش بود😻😻😻 #helpanimals

Rescue Dogs Rock Animal Rescue (@rescue_dogs_rock) Instagram Profile Photo

Rescue Dogs Rock Animal Rescue

48 hours ago, he was sitting in someone's yard in the pouring rain. He didn't even try to seek shelter. He just sat there.... And now, this. This is the power of rescue

kleineMädchen_kleineTräume (@kleinemaedchen_kleinetraeume) Instagram Profile Photo


Phu Quoc, Kiến Giang, Vietnam

Auch wenn der Strand von Phu Quoc sehr schön war, so gab es dennoch viele, die nicht wissen wohin der Müll eigentlich hinkommt. 😤Schaut nicht und beseitige diese, wenn die schon angeschwommen kommen. 🌊 Viele Tiere sterben einfach durch zu viel Müll im Meer 🥺 Du musst nicht den ganzen Tag Strand verbringen um den Müll aufzusmeln, jeder Griff ist eine Unterstützung für die Meeresbewohner 🥰 animals

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