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Rehab khan killer 💕☠🗣 orakzai (@rehab_khan_rk) Instagram Profile Photo

Rehab khan killer 💕☠🗣 orakzai

This is the only thing they can do with innocent people. No country becomes superior by doing these kind of brutal acts A country becomes ZINDABAD by its generosity and you guys are doing injustice to alot of innocent people on you .shame on you and shame on each and every creature whose torturing innocents .. who has power to control this but still becomes deaf and blind . This is what they did with Tabrez Ansari and many other living beings . Will and always be murdabad I repeat and repeat India murdabad . Quaid-e-Azam we love you by all our heart for giving us such a homeland where there is no discrimination and everyone is free to live their lives according to their religion ❤ Pakistan Zindabad Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad Imran khan Zindabad PANCH KI ROTI,DAS KA NAAN,RANDI HINDUSTAN murdabad murdabad

دودھ مانگوگے تو کھیر دیں گے کشمیر مانگوگے تو چیر دیں گے #indiamurdabad

Komal Baloch (@komoo__) Instagram Profile Photo

Komal Baloch

‏کبھی سجدے کبھی آنسو ہزاروں کوششیں لیکن جو حق میں بہتر نہیں وہ رونے سے نہیں ملتا💕👑 #indiamurdabad

Kashmir_bny_ga_Pakistan 🇵🇰 (@hm_aik_hein) Instagram Profile Photo

Kashmir_bny_ga_Pakistan 🇵🇰

Is Sabz Hilali parcham ki Qasam watan pr Kbhi aanch Any na Dengy. Jis ny bhi hmary watan ko nuksan pohnchany ki Koshish ki Uska naam o nishan mita Dengy is zameen sy. Pakistan zindabad 🇵🇰 #indiamurdabad

Kashmir_bny_ga_Pakistan 🇵🇰 (@hm_aik_hein) Instagram Profile Photo

Kashmir_bny_ga_Pakistan 🇵🇰

Black day. #indiamurdabad

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