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I know it is short notice, but I opening up 12 spaces for Squish filies to do a trial run of a book club. If your available August 31st in the morning, please reach out to me via Facebook, Instagr or email (preschoolbookclub@gmail.com). The Bookclub will include a short welcome circle, an art activity, an open-ended play set up and a longer closing circle. The duration will@be 45 minutes. The theme for everything will be based on this months book, The (Not-So) Great Outdoors by @madelinekloepper Location TBA in downtown Squish.

Segunda parte Muñecos TIPO funko, miden aproximadamente 10 cm, rígido, cabeza suave, llévatelos por solo $100 pesitos cada uno ❤️ #inspiredbybooks

Primera parte Muñecos TIPO funko, miden aproximadamente 10 cm, rígido, cabeza suave, llévatelos por solo $100 pesitos cada uno ❤️ #inspiredbybooks

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Jeffrey Poole

Introducing the newest addition to the STORMHEART COLLECTION; Hurricane This diffuser bracelet features dark pearls and sea glass with white lava stone beads. It reminds me of home with its oceanic influences and a hint of darkness and storm. @coracarmack @raptorlindsay #inspiredbybooks

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The Storyteller's Cottage

NEW FALL CLASSES!! And they are SO unique!! 🤓 Take a look at our brand new list of writing workshops for all ages! If you get Storyteller’s Cottage Membership, you’ll receive a discount on writing classes! This is especially exciting for children, since school is starting up soon!! Youth memberships will get you a discount on new classes, like Get Published, Cub Reporters, Fantastic Books and How to Write Them, Learn to Draw Cartoons, Learn to Draw Anime, and Magical Pencraft! See all the details on our website 👍 Call or go online to sign up for a membership or for our writing workshops 💖 #inspiredbybooks

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Shirley Sovairon

In celebration of H.P. Lovecraft’s birthday 🌝 Poem, The nightmare Lake: There is a lake in distant Zan, Beyond the wonted haunts of man, Where broods alone in a hideous state A spirit dead and desolate; A spirit ancient and unholy, Heavy with fearsome melancholy, Which from the waters dull and dense Draws vapors cursed with pestilence. Around the banks, a mire of clay, Sprawl things offensive in decay, And curious birds that reach that shore Are seen by mortals nevermore. Here shines by day the searing sun On glassy wastes beheld by none, And here by night pale moonbeams flow Into the deeps that yawn below. In nightmares only is it told What scenes beneath those beams unfold; What scenes, too old for human sight, Lie sunken there in endless night; For in those depths there only pace The shadows of a voiceless race. One midnight, redolent of ill, I saw that lake, asleep and still; While in the lurid sky there rode A gibbous moon that glow’d and glow’d. I saw the stretching marshy shore, And the foul things those marshes bore: Lizards and snakes convuls’d and dying; Ravens and vampires putrefying; All these, and hov’ring o’er the dead, Narcophagi that on them fed. And as the dreadful moon climb’d high, Fright’ning the stars from out the sky, I saw the lake’s dull water glow Till sunken things appear’d below (...) ~ Howard Phillips Lovecraft . . . . . #inspiredbybooks

...Bears?! Again? Yup! We love bears! W asked me to please try to keep the bears out of his room tonight because they keep waking him up. Maybe we are focusing too much on bears... This activity happened without any set up, or encouragement. We read the book (The (Not-So) Great Outdoors) and had the blocks and bears out from our activity yesterday, and the rest all came from W’s imagination. I will admit that he has recently gone on a camping trip and had the best time. Play is often inspired by things that are happening or have happened in a child’s life. It’s so interesting to watch children play out exact events as a way to try to make sense of them. Here is the running record (this is just a term for the notes I took while W played) from the play. Unbracketed is spoken and bracketed is actions: ‘They are at the camp fire Turn the campfire on! Now everyone can have a marshmallow (Hands them out) Out of the bag out of the bag When you eat all you dinner you can have marshmallows Turn off, it’s bed time for them. (Uses blocks to cover the bears) These are blankets for everybody They are all sleeping so be quiet’ Obviously marshmallows played a big role in W’s camping experience! What is your favourite thing about camping?

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