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OpenTeQ Consultants

Hyderabad Telangana's Capital

THE TRENDS AND FUTURE OF THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY Market report provides analysis for the period from 2019 to 2025. The report covers all the major technologies and trends playing a significant role in the market’s growth over the prognosis period. This report provides a detailed and analytical look at the various companies that are working to achieve a high market share in the global Insurance Technology market. According to advanced insurance technology is already an integral part of the P&C industry, for both carriers and insureds. Insurance technology is poised to even more in 2019. Insurers looking for a competitive edge should consider embracing one or more of these eight emerging insurance tech trends. Meet our solution experts at www.openteqconsultants.com trends

It's the little things like directing your client towards tools that create clarity that will ultimately help breakdown the insurance language barrier as well. Coming soon... 34 days to be exact.

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Spherient Advisors

Richmond, Virginia

Is there any good news in regards to healthcare? The answer is…Yes! @spherientadvisors Steven Parent discusses the advantages to partial self-funded insurance plans on Spherient Insights. Read more here: http://bit.ly/2WF7xpU‌. #insurancetrends

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Pet medical coverage deals are bouncing like a scared feline in a viral video. http://bit.ly/2JLhMap Trends @ModelsInsurance

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Goodenow Insurance Agency

Have you recently gotten a great deal on a new car? Get great auto insurance rates too! (217) 523-5443 trends

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Quote Sheep

Where is the commercial insurance industry headed? This study shows the top five trends agents see happening in 2020 (link in bio). . . . #insurancetrends

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Goodenow Insurance Agency

Planning to get a place of your own this year? Renters insurance is very affordable, and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you are protected! (217) 523-5443 trends

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