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Steve John AS 🔥 (@steve__john__20) Instagram Profile Photo

Steve John AS 🔥

محمد سہراب (@usmanisohrab) Instagram Profile Photo

محمد سہراب

😈राधिका ठाकुर😈 (@the_radhika_thakur) Instagram Profile Photo

😈राधिका ठाकुर😈

Southern 🦋 Grace by Design (@southerngracebydesign) Instagram Profile Photo

Southern 🦋 Grace by Design

Sarah Luise (@sarahluiseee) Instagram Profile Photo

Sarah Luise

Friedenspagode Wien

„the more men meditates upon good thoughts, the better will be his world and the world at large“ - Confucius 🌱

Shruti Pithadia (@myruminations) Instagram Profile Photo

Shruti Pithadia

Bangalore, India

// the clouds were angry that day. may be they didn’t want to part ways from what they kept holding for so long? the rains. and so, when i went up to them, to see if they were alright, they had been lying all around, travel-worn yet breathtaking, just like us, when we have had enough of everything, sitting there all empty and yet ready to burn up all over again. // #iphonephotography ✈️

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