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HDR MITRA TEKNIK (@hdrmitrateknik) Instagram Profile Photo


Leo Testoni (@leo.testoni) Instagram Profile Photo

Leo Testoni

Helping Others Move Easy (@helping_others_move_easy) Instagram Profile Photo

Helping Others Move Easy

www.homemd.org HELPING OTHERS MOVE EASY MOVING & DELIVERY 561-225-7422 Another satisfied customer! @ritavasquez6857 made this for me!!! 💯💯💯💪💪💪 #jupiter

Juliet Saunders (@ampersandra_) Instagram Profile Photo

Juliet Saunders

David Dunlap Observatory

Otherworldly experience last night at the David Dunlop Observatory - a fun celebration of its declaration as a national historic site by the Ministry of the Environment recently. Opened in 1935 and featuring the largest optical telescope in Canada, I still have to pinch myself that this magnificent structure is located in my hometown! Great evening with free tours of the telescope and lots of amateur astronomers” telescopes set up on the lawn affording views of Saturn and Jupiter. We even met some intergalactic travellers and directed them to the ice cream truck! 🌙 💫 #jupiter

Shira Weitz (@shirahanna) Instagram Profile Photo

Shira Weitz

Since I’m a day late and a dollar short of this week’s blog post. Enjoy this picture of a stormy #Jupiter 🏝🌧 be strong enough to weather any storm 💪🏻

Maya Serife  Koseoglu (@purvas_carma) Instagram Profile Photo

Maya Serife Koseoglu

25 Ağustos Pazar 🌙Ay ,Mrigasira nakshstra’sında olacak eğitim, seyahat, keşif ,ev değiştirme , doktora gitmek , ruhsal konular, pazarlama , satış için uygun gündür. ✨✨ Mutlu pazarlar 🌈🌈✨✨✨💕💕💫🎨🎭🎭 #jupiter

Shelby Grant (@shelbyyoga) Instagram Profile Photo

Shelby Grant

Breathe Salt & Yoga

Thank you to all of the teachers in the community for choosing to be here today! Your passion to teach and bring the practice of yoga into the lives of many is so awesome! My heart is so full! 💗 We got our hands on some assisting today! The time flew by! ⏰💨😳 Let’s do it again soon! . . . #jupiter

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