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I love taking time out for fun on th weekends! Being on the water is so FREEING! #keepingitSimple


💕Simplicity boils down to two things: Identify the essential. Eliminate the rest 💕 #keepingitsimple essential

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Renewed Life Holistic Food

Fairy Creek Falls

Playing in the mountains you never know what you’ll find! Wild raspberries!! To much playing in the mountains has kept us out of the kitchen, but enjoying food in its purest most natural form! Get out and play!

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Shawna | Life Coach for Moms

Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen

The kids have been asking me for a ‘clue hunt’. It took me 15 minutes to make and 6 minutes for them to finish. Sometimes we think the memories we make are big outings and fancy surprises. (Which I love when we can do that!) But I’m hoping their extra super memories are all held tight by things like river swims, hotdogs for dinner and a semi-annual clue hunt written on post-it notes and ending with ice cream on the porch. #keepingitsimple

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Inspired Lunchbox

Life is busy! With both of us working and living 2 hours away from family, my husband and I don’t really get opportunities to go on dates. Yesterday we both took a day off and went to watch a movie and grabbed some lunch together while the boys were at school and daycare. It was absolute bliss and so nice to spend time together. We have always preferred daytime dates because the kids are still in their normal routine so we don’t worry that they aren’t sleeping or are unsettled with someone else putting them to bed. I remember years ago I went to a market with my sister and there was an old lady there who told us she had 7 kids. Her “secret to a happy marriage” was to “ALWAYS PUT HER HUSBAND FIRST”. She explained that they made sure to make time for each other and not to always put the kids ahead of their partners. When they are happy, the home is happy. They work as partners to support each other. I’ve never forgotten this and try to make time for my husband every day, even if we only get 5 minutes to have a REAL and uninterrupted chat. Do you go on daytime dates? About the lunchbox today: ❤️Banana Bread (GF/DF/EF) - recipe is on the blog ❤️Coconut yoghurt berry parfait - strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and topped with an oat and buckwheat granola. ❤️Strawberries 🍓 ❤️Kiwi fruit 🥝 ❤️Grapes 🍇 ❤️Mandarin ❤️Cucumber ❤️Roast Chicken (for my 2yo) ❤️Kale smoothies in the

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