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Jill Sinclair (@msjillsinclair) Instagram Profile Photo

Jill Sinclair

João Guilherme Madeira (@joaoguilhermemadeira) Instagram Profile Photo

João Guilherme Madeira

Perfomentalis-coaching (@courcierromain) Instagram Profile Photo


Marion Military Institute (@marionmilitary) Instagram Profile Photo

Marion Military Institute

Alex Kuhn (@alexkuhnco) Instagram Profile Photo

Alex Kuhn

Restore More (@werestoremore) Instagram Profile Photo

Restore More

Restore More (@werestoremore) Instagram Profile Photo

Restore More

Amanda | Leadership | Sales (@thevipwoman) Instagram Profile Photo

Amanda | Leadership | Sales

ʟᴀᴜʀᴇɴ ʀᴏᴄᴄᴏ|ʀᴇᴀʟᴛᴏʀ 🗝 EXP (@lknpropertyninja) Instagram Profile Photo

ʟᴀᴜʀᴇɴ ʀᴏᴄᴄᴏ|ʀᴇᴀʟᴛᴏʀ 🗝 EXP

Mateo Ríos Velásquez. (@mateoriosv) Instagram Profile Photo

Mateo Ríos Velásquez.

Cíntia Mendes - Life Coach (@cintiamendesoficial) Instagram Profile Photo

Cíntia Mendes - Life Coach

Kevin Lopez (@gsbkalp) Instagram Profile Photo

Kevin Lopez

Richard Milligan (@thatrichardmilligan) Instagram Profile Photo

Richard Milligan

Julio Andrino 鬼 Lions Den LLC (@el.puma.6) Instagram Profile Photo

Julio Andrino 鬼 Lions Den LLC

Julio Andrino 鬼 Lions Den LLC (@el.puma.6) Instagram Profile Photo

Julio Andrino 鬼 Lions Den LLC

NLP & Mindset & Coach Trainer (@shinyburcuunsal) Instagram Profile Photo

NLP & Mindset & Coach Trainer


What an amazing night in my Leadership Communication Strategies class @uclaextension tonight with such a stellar group of speakers!👏🏻 Thank you dear @micaela.passeri , @nadalena_rise , @benaltopuzlu and @justintimbershake for your contributions to my students. It was a powerful and an unforgettable class! #leadership

How creative are our Kings parents?! These two birthday treats came in today and they were incredible!! @kings_christian_college . . . . . . . #leadership

Andy Szekely (@andyszekely) Instagram Profile Photo

Andy Szekely

Orice stabilire a unui obiectiv trebuie să fie imediat urmată de un plan și acțiune consitentă orientată spre realizarea acestuia. Bună dimineața! Care este visul tău? . . . #leadership

SUPERLadyLIVE (@superladylive) Instagram Profile Photo


CONGRATULATIONS to Debbie Johnson, President of The Hope Center & Janette Cosley for meeting major milestones this summer. ... Debbie & team opened a new homeless transition center for youth and adults. While Janette & team, closed out another successful season of shows, camps and educational activities for the 2019 Spring & Summer Sessions. ... #leadership

Elvis C. Umez (@elviscumez) Instagram Profile Photo

Elvis C. Umez

Enugu, Nigeria

Continuity in leadership is all about the leader succeeding and preparing the people following to build and consolidate on his efforts for a better tomorrow. What this means is that when success is attained, it almost becomes obsolete for the next generation, which will require innovation and tweaking if continuity is intended within their spheres of abilities. As a leader, if your success is not preparing the people you are leading to experience their own individual success, then you are not truly leading them. ship Think Leadership!

Diana Stamate (@diana.stamate03) Instagram Profile Photo

Diana Stamate

A message inline with everything that is happening in the world right now. I believe that once we tap into your hear space/centre, we'll feel a connection with all that is around us. From there we'll go back to the space of inspiration towards conscious decisions. My advice, practice heart coherence. ❤ #leadership

Martin Laschkolnig (@martinlaschkolnig) Instagram Profile Photo

Martin Laschkolnig

Have you already signed up? The Global Success Summit™, an online SUCCESS will happen from Aug 26-30, 2019! # Check it out - it’s an amazing panel of worldwide experts to propel your success to the next level. Also check out the VIP package - before the summit it’s available with a very special offer. And to be fully transparent, if you decide to buy the VIP pack, you’ll support my work with a portion of it. So thank you and please consider buying it. This will enable us to put such amazing content out there for free for those who maybe can’t afford it. Check it out at the link in my profile Be a part of it - it's free (and tell your friends who might be interested, too!) Please share! See you there! #leadership

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