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FIDO design

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julia wróblewska

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Mary Margaret

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Jacqueline Alfers

Düsseldorf, Germany

Tomaten Focaccia ❤️ [🇬🇧below] . Die perfekte Tomate gibt es irgendwie selten. Mal ist sie zu fest und geschmackslos oder schon zu reif und sehr weich. Die weichen Tomaten sind aber perfekt für eine Focaccia. Das herzhafte italienische Hefegebäck ist wahnsinnig schnell gemacht. Und schmeckt ungelogen immer und bei jeder Gelegenheit. Mit saftigen Tomaten belegt ist sie auch noch unglaublich fruchtig 🍅🍅 . . 🇬🇧 Tomato Focaccia . The perfect tomato is hard to find. Either it is unripe and without any taste or it is overriped and soft. But those soft tomatoes are perfect for a Focaccia. The salty italian yeast pastry is super easily prepared. And honestly, it tastes always good and is a fit for every occasion. Topped with juicy tomatoes the Focaccia is not only salty but somehow fruity 🍅🍅 . . . . . #lesswaste

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Bag For Good

Mengerikan yaaa :(( . . This has to change for good. We must choose planet over convenience (plastic). Even the smallest changes we do makes a difference. We can start with changes like not using single use plastic or reusing what we already have. You will find many swaps , ask me if you can't . Do not wait for someone else to do it. . Double tap to let me know that you choose 🌎 planet not plastic. . . #lesswaste repost @tozerowasteliving

Noch immer Sommer und noch immer Zeit für selbstgemachtes Eis ! Diesmal: pürierter Pfirsich und Nektarine (ziemlich reife Früchte nehmen, unsere waren schon ein bisschen schrumpelig), und Kokosjoghurt. . . #lesswaste

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Churbish Shop

🌎 REUSABLE & WASHABLE HEAVY FLOW CLOTH NAPKINS are now available for ORDER ❗️❗️ PRICE: PHP 150 (1pc HEAVY FLOW NAPKIN) Important things to read before you order: ✨ This product is from overseas and when you order you this have to wait for 1-2 weeks before your order will arrive. ❇️ Payment first before we ship you order ❇️ NO TO JOY BUYERS, NO CANCELLATION OF ORDER! ❇️ SHOPPERS/BUYERS WILL SHOULDER SHIPPING FEES ❇️ Some of our products are Onhand and there are also products which is per order, SO PLEASE BE PATIENT! ❇️ Meet-Ups within Rob or SM Dasma only Color: Random designs and colors only Description: 1. HEAVY FLOW Protection For Those Heavy Days And Nights When Needing Extra Security And Absorbency! 2. ESSENTIAL For Savvy Eco-Conscious Women.Reusable,And Sustainable.HUGE Savings To Be Made By Using HEAVY FLOW Reusable, Washable Cloth Sanitary Pads Over A Lifetime. 3. Bamboo Charcoal Of These Cloth Menstrual Pads Is Soft With Maximum Absorbency. Not Only Great At Soaking Up Liquid, Odors Are Neutralized. 3. FEEL SECURE - The Waterproof Outer Layer And Comfort Of The Softer, Super Soft Microfleece Layers Against Your Delicate Areas. 4. MACHINE WASHABLE - Better For Your Body Than Tampons And Paper Pads! No Chemicals! Fold Over, Snap Into Place. Ideal For Heavy Flow days Protection, 5. The Pads Size Is 18*33 CM. #LessWaste

Bucharest, Romania

On the go list: Lunchbox ✔️ Cutlery set✔️

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This weekend is going to be a busy one! . . @cornwallprideofficial on Saturday and @newquayfarmers on Sunday! Can’t wait to meet lots of lovely people both days! Come on down for some sun, sea and shampoo! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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