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Jonatan  Bermúdez Pascuas (@jonber.filmakero) Instagram Profile Photo

Jonatan Bermúdez Pascuas

Gamecell⚡️ (@tillcasper) Instagram Profile Photo


Hi everyone! I Went castle exploring in Cardiff Wales. I could have stayed in the library I found all day 😍 I was inspired to write The Lady Raven: A Dark Cinderella Tale 🕯️🥀 🖤 after visiting my first castle in England. What historical places inspire your writing? Much love! Rebecca 💕 💕

Andrea. 🇦🇷 (@andrprs) Instagram Profile Photo

Andrea. 🇦🇷

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Repost from @lizthewritingwiz using @RepostRegramApp - 📚CALLING ALL READERS AND WRITERS📚 Let’s find some amazing people to support while getting supported ourselves! SIGN UP for this amazing mega follow loop inspired by @b.w.ginsburg48👇 instructions are easy 😊 1. Follow the hosts @lizthewritingwiz & @b.w.ginsburg48 2. Repost this post! (A how to is below 😁) 3. Tag lots of reading and writing friends in the comments. (Tips below) 4. Follow the hashtag 💜 The mega follow loop itself will start Monday, August 19th. Be sure to check back at @lizthewritingwiz on Monday for the loop! Following the hashtag will also ensure you don’t miss it! 💚 HOW TO REPOST: Simply download a repost app. There are tons. This is the easiest and recommended way. If you don't want to do that, you can also screen shot the picture and instructions. If you do this, MAKE SURE TO USE THE POPER HASHTAGS, or after all that work you will get accidentally left out, and that's sad 😭 💜 TIPS FOR TAGS: Contrary to popular belief most people do not mind being tagged in posts, especially if it’s something they might like or want to participate in (like this). Tagging has a powerful domino effect. The more people you tag, the more people who will follow you and you will get to meet. Also when you tag be sure to leave a little message saying why you tagged them like: “thought you might enjoy this!” Or “this might help you grow!” 😁 💜 Happy reading and writing! 😊 . . . . . #literature

leya noir 🖤 (@she.isawolf) Instagram Profile Photo

leya noir 🖤

No matter what goals you have set for yourself in life, you have to be committed. It’s through commitment that you’ll continue to make the improvements needed to better yourself. Whether it’s taking a chance on launching a startup, getting a gym membership to improve your physical well being, or taking a cooking class because you want to become a chef, commitment is what drives us all to become more successful.

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