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Vintage Love's Country Store snapback trucker hat! Check out my store for this and many other hats as well as hundreds of other items! Link to store in bio! #lovescountrystore

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Stephanie Girdner

I asked for y'alls help the other day with picking a wedding hashtag, and I decided to use them all!! 😄😍 One of our hashtags that was voted on is , and someone wanted to know how we met so here's our story of how we met at Love's ❤💛🖤 But first, isn't it funny and ironic that if we had to get married where we met, it'd be Love's? 😆 Where would y'all have to get married? It was a late summer night, and I was out celebrating one of my friend's birthdays, @hollyetter 😘 We had left @neds_tahlequah and headed to Love's to get cigs 😝🤢 and we were trying to catch a ride on the RATS bus to the next bar. I was still waiting in line inside, and my friends came back in to say a random guy offered to give us a ride for gas money to the next bar. Instantly, my stranger danger mode kicked in, and I was like f$!k no we're not riding with some guy!! 😲😆 By this time I was walking outside with my friends, and I asked so who's the guy?? And they pointed to this niiiiiice looking fella in a black Jeep Wrangler with the top off. About that time the RATS bus pulled up, but I was like wait!! Something was forcing me to walk over to this fella's Jeep, and this same something forced me to say heeeyyyy, what's your name? And he said hey it's Travis💙💙 We exchanged numbers and became friends, and slowly started dating. And that is how we found love at Love's. ❤💛🖤 P.S. the universe was really working to bring us together on this day because Travis was headed home from work and didn't plan on driving past his house to Love's, but he decided to go to that gas station rather than any others on the way home.

I spend so much time traveling I-40, Love’s just made me an honorary lot lizard. • countrystore

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City of Smiths Station


Love's Country Store

Today marked my 1 year with Loves 97 I truly enjoy my career and look forward to many more years here❤️❤️ #lovescountrystore

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Peter E. Roberts


Oklahoma Titans of Industry! are part of ! opening May 4th @612OKC ROW 1-John Kroutil-Yukon’s Best Flour | Herman Meinders-American Floral Service | R.D. Hull-Zebco Fishing Reels |Waite Phillips-Phillips 66 ROW 2-Tom Love-Love’s Country Store | Sharon Turney-Former Victoria’s Secret CEO | Sidney Lyons-Hair Product Magnate | Troy Smith-Sonic Drive In ROW 3-T. Boone Pickens-Oil Magnate | John Griffin-Griffin Foods | Chester Cadieux-QuikTrip Stores | John Frank-Frankoma Pottery Glad to dig deeper when I was in OK and big thanks from this to @okhistorycenter @reddirtreportok @newsok @fullcirclebookstore @405mag @lookatokc @okgazette @thislandpress @thetulsavoice

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