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William Rhino Mueller (@rhinoventures) Instagram Profile Photo

William Rhino Mueller

Golden Gate Bridge

Wow, what a great way to finish the 1st 1,000 miles! Rode across the Golden Gate Bridge yesterday, and had a lot of fun helping a bunch of various people sit on Bbi 😀 After going through Sausalito, the last climb up to bridge level was crazy! I would love to be able to continue riding, right now, all the way to Key West, but because I can't financially afford it, I have to call this 1st 1,000 miles the completion of phase one. I have to keep my phone turned on, etc. It is costing twice what I thought, and taking twice as long. So, my plan is to finish this mission April-June, 2020. I will be working on sponsorships, and working two jobs to make this happen. I want to thank everyone that helped me to get this far, especially my brother Dennis that just spent the last week supporting me financially and with his time and energy. Also, John Gustav, for your generosity early in my ride. A big thanks to my girlfriend Elizabeth (and sister Lori), for care packages and help. I thankful for my health, fily, and friends, and I'm sorry I can't mention everyone here, but please know that I greatly appreciate all the help and love. I'll be back! #lovestruckstop

My Love With Her Daddy!! #LovesTruckStop

Road Runner USTrucker (@roadrunnerustrucker) Instagram Profile Photo

Road Runner USTrucker


After rain. #lovestruckstop

William Rhino Mueller (@rhinoventures) Instagram Profile Photo

William Rhino Mueller

Rode to Rohnert Park today, met some cool Firefighters at Chick fil A. Camping tonight at Spring Lake Park in Santa Rosa; Ranger Josh and Ashley knew all about this great area. Dennis jumped on Bambi for a quick ride, he learned to ride 8 years before me. The squirrels are very friendly around here! The sculpture is made from thousands of old bicycles. Tomorrow I will be riding a little less than 40 miles to get to San Rafael, then on Thursday I can be crossing the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco by lunchtime! @rohnertparkdps @sonomacountyparks #lovestruckstop

Love's Travel Stops

I made a bet I had more miles on my Ford Taurus...guess who won. #lovestruckstop ❤️🧡💛

Sherrie Mutz (@sherrieg1978) Instagram Profile Photo

Sherrie Mutz

Those tunnels feel really small in this rig... Why don’t I have my own brakes? Lots of pretty stuff to see tho! #lovestruckstop

Jonathan Tig Willard (@tigger_46) Instagram Profile Photo

Jonathan Tig Willard

Pocono Raceway

More footage from my man @toomuchpda once again I appreciate it. It’s so many emotions and thought in these photos. I can only imagine the things that are going through my head. “It takes but one positive thought when given a chance to survive and thrive to overpower an entire army of negative thoughts.” Robert H. Schuller truckstop

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