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Yv🅾️nne 🅱️ill (@studiobill) Instagram Profile Photo

Yv🅾️nne 🅱️ill

Howard | 🇨🇦 Vancouver Foodie (@food_with_howie) Instagram Profile Photo

Howard | 🇨🇦 Vancouver Foodie

Vivek Chudasma (Vickyy) (@vikki_chudasma_) Instagram Profile Photo

Vivek Chudasma (Vickyy)

👑Donald Johnson (@thereal_donaldjohnson) Instagram Profile Photo

👑Donald Johnson

👑Donald Johnson (@thereal_donaldjohnson) Instagram Profile Photo

👑Donald Johnson

Talkin’ About (@talkinaboutpodcast) Instagram Profile Photo

Talkin’ About

Have you listened to last weeks episode yet? George and I catch up on how we’re doing mentally! Swipe to see one of the drawings George created when he was feeling really low one day after Boomtown! Sometimes, when we say we are fine it’s because we can’t be bothered / don’t want to hassle someone with all the reasons why we’re not, plus the added worry that the person isn’t actually asking genuinely but just as a passing comment. It’s easier sometimes to just say we’re fine, right?! - BUT, it really is okay to talk about how you’re feeling, everyone is going through something, every day, good or bad! Talkin’ About it sets you free and eases your mind ☺️💖 Happy Sunday family! What are you up to?

Lexi Crouch (@lexi.crouch) Instagram Profile Photo

Lexi Crouch

Sydney, Australia

YOUTUBE IS BACK - Small delay, but I back with a 3-part video of “My story”. Before we delve into other topics, I wanted to touch on where I have been in case this is relatable and to shed light that a full recovery is possible. TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️ sensitive topics are touched upon and please make sure you have support in place if this it too close to home. Thanks to my fab videographer @unveilmediaco for bringing the magic together 🤗❤️ LINK IN BIO . . #media

Define Journal (@definejournal) Instagram Profile Photo

Define Journal

I decided to get my hands on the very first print of @further.reading only to find myself bewildered not wanting to finish reading it, out of a hope that I could always get back on reading it for a longer time! But unfortunately, I couldn’t resist and ended up finishing it anyway. So, I think the overall composition of the zine is pretty diverse, it covers a wide range of topics as listed on the cover. Meanwhile, what amazed me the most is the article which went through the contextual aspect of branding for most of Indonesia’s generic products a long time ago. With the absence of copyright regulation back then, many apparently took the liberty to illustrate an idolized figure like fictional superheroes for their product branding strategies. Another more intriguing thing would be the discovery of a visual branding which reveals more than one cultural identity just effectively that it had broken the seemingly present-day boundaries in its own time. — It held an interview with a few of independent studios which resulted in a very interesting insights on sociocultural and socioeconomic challenges that the design world has to face today. In general, they bring to attention the importance of actualizing the right ecosystem for radical learning where interactive discussion and experimentation are imperative. Some also talk about the attempt of offering access to alternative learning method amidst polemic and systemic structure of financially and creatively burdening education provided by most of established institution. — Last but not least, an article ruminates about different kinds of leaves where every leaf has its particular inherent characteristic and ecosystem to live by. I guess we’re invited to ‘let beings be’ and just attend to however an entity choose to present itself. Did I say the zine was interesting? —

Nga lumi i Shalës, një parajsë shqiptare, ju urojmë të diel të bukur! 😍 #media @gazetashqiponline

>>>Lona Decoration<<< (@lona.decoration) Instagram Profile Photo

>>>Lona Decoration<<<

🌞 ZİYAFƏTLƏRİN TƏŞKİLİ 🌞 🏖 PANORAMA TOY, (açıq havada, qapalı) 💍 PANORAMA NİŞAN (açıq havada, qapalı) 💎 PANORAMA AD GÜNÜ (açıq havada, qapalı) 🧿  PANORAMA XINA (açıq havada, qapalı) 🥳  PANORAMA AD GÜNÜ (açıq havada, qapalı) 🎉  ŞİRKƏT ŞƏNLİKLƏR KORPORATİV. 👼  DOĞUM EVİNDƏN ÇIXARILMA. 🍼  UŞAQ ŞƏNLİKLƏRİ. 🎀 AÇILIŞ MƏRASİMİ. 🇹🇷 KONSERT PROGRAMI (panorama : açıq) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐❄ DİZAYN VƏ DEKORASİYA ❄⭐ 💫  RESTORANIN BƏZƏDİLMƏSİ. 🎪 MƏNZİLİN BƏZƏDİLMƏSİ. 🚘  AVTOMOBİLİN BƏZƏDİLMƏSİ. 💡 DEKORATİV HƏRİFLƏ AD YIĞIMI. 🔮  BUTIK BREND DEKOR IŞİ. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 🎬🎵VİDEO VƏ AUDİO STUDİYA🎵🎬 📽  VİDEO LOVE STORY ÇƏKİLİŞİ. 🎭  AKTYORLAR, KLOUNLAR. 🎥 PROFESSİONAL EKIP, REJİSOR. 🎎 TOY RƏQSİNİN HAZIRLANMASI. 📸  FOTO SESİYA, DRON, VIDEO FILM. 📢  MUSİQİ MÜŞAİƏTİ, DJ. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 💡ƏLAQƏ ÜÇÜN: ☎️ Ofis: (+994) 50 200 - 51 - 21 📲 wotsapp: (+994) 50 200 - 51 - 21 📬 bakueventstudio@gmail.com 💼 Ünvan: Heydər Əliyev prospekti 153. ÇİNAR PLAZA. 🛒 QIYMƏTLƏR RAZILAŞMA İLƏ. #media 😎

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