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Donovanyrn 🐐 (@no.clout.gang) Instagram Profile Photo

Donovanyrn 🐐

Wer Bist Du Wirklich? (@michi_haller_) Instagram Profile Photo

Wer Bist Du Wirklich?

Ade C. Osinaike 🇳🇬 (@_ade.o) Instagram Profile Photo

Ade C. Osinaike 🇳🇬

My Ecom Project (@myecomproject) Instagram Profile Photo

My Ecom Project

London, United Kingdom

We make our own luck. The difference between lucky and unlucky people, we've seen before, is all in our perspective. Luck isn't just about being at the right place at the right time, but also about being open to and ready for new opportunities. People who we often consider lucky are more relaxed and open to what's going on around them. They're not focused on a single task, blocking out everything else so much that they miss something important and unexpected. Let’s turn our hard work turn in to our own luck 🙋🏼‍♂️ COMMENT “ YES “ if you want to be lucky . Follow us ( @myecomproject ) for more🔥 . Like ♥ | Comment 💭| Tag 🙋🏼‍♂️ . . #millionairementor

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Nir Appelton

Miami, Florida

What do you think?

SIONAA RAY (@imsionaa_ray) Instagram Profile Photo


You said Remember that, life is Not meant to be wasted. We can always be chasing the Sun ♡☆... #millionairementor

Inspired By The Bluetick (@inspiredbythebluetick) Instagram Profile Photo

Inspired By The Bluetick

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@billionaire_sayee © 💎

Tag your BFF. This post will help him/her. Tag someone who needs to hear this ❤️ Follow 👉 @billionaire_sayee For more Follow 👉 @billionaire_sayee Follow 👉 @billionaire_sayee --------------------------------------- Life • Love • Inspiration -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📷 : @jude_allen @billionaire_sayee 💍 | | | |

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United States

- We must become self aware of when we are stuck and aren’t growing into our full . Some people don’t want us to evolve because it means leaving them behind. Learning to spot them is crucial. It’s not to say to discard people but we must be able to tell when they are thinking of themselves more than the friendship as a whole. - Abandon anything about your and habits that might be holding you back. Learn to create your own and know there’s no finish line 😉 - 📸 @alvarristikivi - #millionairementor

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