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Janet Hunteman ❤️ (@janet_miller_hunteman) Instagram Profile Photo

Janet Hunteman ❤️

Mr. Finnegan & Baby Claire (@mr_andsister) Instagram Profile Photo

Mr. Finnegan & Baby Claire

Excuse me Pups-in-charge. Have you seen my zebracorn? We were romping through the park together and he got away from me. He has very long and mine are short so I’m at something of a disadvantage. I understand you’re looking for something too. A brand rep! I’d be happy to help you with that- we’d be doing each other a favor. That’s what friends do. My brother Finnegan and I have lovely friends on Instagram who would enjoy seeing us modeling your amazing accessories (particularly if they have zebracorns on them.) Plus, we think all of your designs are about the best things we’ve seen in fur-ever! PS: Finnegan is very easy-going so I’m sure he’d be willing to help you out too. . . . . . . dog sofinstagram #minidoxie

Soul Staging (@soulstaging) Instagram Profile Photo

Soul Staging

🐶Weenie dog not included🐶 My dad built this open air dish cabinet that stayed on my mom’s wall for many years until she remodeled. Recently I acquired it from his garage and decided to give it a makeover. Initially I envisioned something similar but ultimately decided to turn it into shelving but keep the spindles for my “seasonal” dishes. Very happy with the outcome. I painted it with Lamp White fusion mineral paint that I bought @3_little_black_birds. I’m also happy to say that due to nostalgia, I won’t be selling this piece but the mini doxie is negotiable! 😂 Happy Hump Day! #minidoxie

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