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Rina Pomares (@rina_pomares) Instagram Profile Photo

Rina Pomares

*•♡M̴a̴r̴y̴ ̴D̴ ̴(X̴e̴n̴a̴)♡•* (@mary_dokaj) Instagram Profile Photo

*•♡M̴a̴r̴y̴ ̴D̴ ̴(X̴e̴n̴a̴)♡•*

K-Za Lex. (@k_za_lex) Instagram Profile Photo

K-Za Lex.

~N A S S O H~ (@mustaphanassoh1) Instagram Profile Photo

~N A S S O H~

✨T O R I   K R E B S ✨ (@krebsytfit) Instagram Profile Photo

✨T O R I K R E B S ✨

Ruth Keykey (@ruthkeykey) Instagram Profile Photo

Ruth Keykey

𝕊𝕙𝕖𝕪𝕜𝕚𝕓𝕠𝕞 (@ikyehs) Instagram Profile Photo


Eliška Urbanová (@urbanovaeliska23) Instagram Profile Photo

Eliška Urbanová

Karen Cristina | 👗💁 (@manhee24horas) Instagram Profile Photo

Karen Cristina | 👗💁

IRMÃs... 👭 A maternidade e suas eternas emoções e descobertas.. Minha vida se resume a elas 💕 . . . #mom

This time last year I had started to think about trying to “get it together.” I was constantly tired, sore and overall with how me being over-weight was holding me back. I’m so excited for all that I’ve accomplished since this time last year. I not perfect but I see my progress in the smallest things. Today I had to walk a decent distance plus a few flights of steps and I wasn’t out of breath like old me. Each day throughout this journey I growing stronger and more confident. I used to make going back to school or a busy schedule, my excuse to stay in my rut. It was easier to eat like and then feel upset about it and repeat the cycle day in and day out. Versus deciding I wasn’t going to do that anymore. That change is scary, not knowing if you will succeed is scary, but what’s even scarier was my old mindset, accepting that I would always be overweight no matter what I did. I love all the changes that I’ve made and I excited to see my continued change in the weeks and months to come! If you need help changing where you are let’s look at your goals and see how I can help. You don’t have to accept where you are if your not happy. Make a change, your future self will thank you💚 . . . . #mom

Dana Torres Vasquez (@danaenlaplaya) Instagram Profile Photo

Dana Torres Vasquez

Con la cara bien lava' y encremada ! Y con el cintillo de la hija. Doy por terminado mi día laborar en el hogarsss... . . . #mom

Mi persona correcta en el momento correcto. Eres el niño más guapo y amoroso. Te Amo💕 Apoco no es todo un top model? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #mom

ether earth air water fire (@divine_5_elements_of_xi) Instagram Profile Photo

ether earth air water fire

This is the love I will give myself FIRST and receive when the time is right with open arms of appreciation and gratitude !!! @the_law_of_one !!! YAAASAASSSSS Rise queen and bloosom in ONENESS 💜✨🌱🍃🌻🏵️🌾🌸🌺 ASE O GRATITUDE , LOVE , ABUNDANCE, LIGHT , PEACE #mom

Vanessa 🦄 (@vaneessalem) Instagram Profile Photo

Vanessa 🦄

Parce qu’elle est là personne la plus merveilleuse que je connaisse et que j’ai la chance qu’elle soit ma mère! Je t’aime maman 💛 #mom

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