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Kaleigh Fisk (@kaleigh_fisk) Instagram Profile Photo

Kaleigh Fisk

Shuswap Lake

Spent the last few days camping in montana and realized that one of the biggest pet peeves of my life is waking up and slime-ing your forehead on the wet insides of the tent 🤮 if I can avoid that I think campings pretty great! . Back to the shuswap for the next couple of days! #montana

Had quite the lil adventure yesterday with my friend, Jeff. Says, "once we park the truck, the spot to set up the trail cam should be about 300 yards away." I'm game...I have my scooby snacks, bear spray and sunflower seeds, I'm set. We set out on foot and had a great time looking for signs of elk. We saw so many different kinds of mushrooms, lil frogs, mosquitos big enough to pet and tons of different animal scat, one possibly a bears. After about and hour or so, my are pruny and im.running out of snacks. I ask Magellan where we're at and it turns out we've walked about 2-3 miles at this point. He says, "it's right up here." Sure enough, we get a really strong smell (animal smell) and see tons of spots where the elk had been sleeping in. EUREKA!!!! Jeff found his tree!!! Camera set up, I'm soaking wet...and the truck is 300 yards away. I'm guiding next time 🤣🤣🤣 #montana

Andrew Raatz (@paparaatzie) Instagram Profile Photo

Andrew Raatz

Throwback photo after talking to my brother this morning. Great memory of a Montana hunt years ago. We had hunted elk hard in the morning, fruitlessly, in sub-zero weather. In the afternoon we switched places, and when it was almost dark, spotted two whitetails. I had no idea how big the buck was, so decided to shoot the doe to fill my doe tag. They switched spots when shielded by a tree and I shot and dropped it. When I walked up, my “doe” turned out to be this buck. Sometimes hunting luck turns your direction.... . . . . . #montana -

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