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Eduardo Apluscreditservices

Planet Fitness

Please don't compare yourself to the Worlds highlight reels and photoshopped selfies. Remember You are the only one that could limit your Greatness. 👊🔥 . Call us today and schedule a consultation #mortgage 😎

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Jack Ma - Mortgage Advisor

I work with many amazing realtors and I must say @lakshmigullapalli is one of the best at getting the best deals for her buyers. 🤝 How do I know this? 🤔 When you purchase a home, the lender usually will require an appraisal to be done to get an unbiased fair market value of the subject property. She is currently averaging $30k over purchase price on her appraisals. In plain English, she is getting her buyers an average savings of $30k on the homes they are buying! Amazing!😎 #mortgage

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💯💯✊🏾✊🏾☝🏾☝🏾 Enough Said -

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👉🏻Useful Home Buying Tips 🌈🤗 -Investwiser 🤩 For more details call us at: +91 9910988089

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Counsel Mortgage

Counsel Mortgage Group, LLC

HOW MUCH SHOULD YOU PUT DOWN? How much money should you put down on the purchase of a property? If you just want to put the minimum down, then you are generally looking at 3% down for a primary residence (unless it is a down payment assistance, VA, or USDA loan), 10% down for a second/vacation home, and 20% down for investment properties. However, if you can make more than the minimum down payment, then you may want to consider the following factors. One factor is the rate of return your money is currently making as compared to the rate at which you will borrow. For example, if your money is invested in a mutual fund earning 8% per year, and the rate you can borrow is at 5%, then you may not want to put much down as the interest you are earning exceeds the interest you are borrowing. The rate in which the property will appreciate is another factor. If the rate of appreciation is 3%, but you are making 8% in investments, then you may want to put as little down as possible. Another factor is if you put less than 20% down, the lender will assess mortgage insurance in addition to your monthly payment. We can help you analyze how much to put down on a property. Contact us and we can help you. We offer a variety product services, ask us how we can assist you today: Counsel Mortgage Group®, LLC www.counselmortgage.com 480-502-1000 NMLS AZ MB CA DBO Copyright © 2019 Counsel Mortgage Group®, LLC. , , #mortgage, , , , , , , , , ,

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