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It's nice to add new toys to my collection nagant

M/27 was originally intended for White guard, but it was issued to army after they saw its practicality, used even during the first months of Winter War. Swastikas in the collar are NCO insignias, and have no link to fascist/natsoc movements. It was veeery popular traditional symbol in Finland before 1945. (But because IG gestapo would take down my post instantly, I sensored them) The patch in her sleeve says she belongs to Northern Savonia White Guard. . #mosinnagant

My first two rifles i purchased, I bought them at the same time. I definitely would’ve got an enfield first but I was lucky enough to have my grandfathers lee enfield that he carried in ww2 #mosinnagant

Three generations of Yugoslavian rifles. M70AB2 underfolder AK-47, M59/66A1 SKS, & M48A Mauser... . . . . #mosinnagant

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Grunge Girl with Guns


Self-sabotage is always my favorite flavor 🔪

...and let’s stain something. Mosin Nagant stain process ...in fact all the work with the Wood is some of my favorite work. This isn’t my best stock, has some imperfections and the grain isn’t the best. But let’s see how it turns out. nagant Have a good night folks, cheers.

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