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For me.  With me.  By me. (@forme.withme.byme) Instagram Profile Photo

For me. With me. By me.

My story begins at secondary school. I was bullied. For me. With me. By me. #motivating

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Nothing Is Normal

West Palm Beach, Florida

Episode 9 with @maelkuhm and @tminus9 is Live now on your favorite podcast platforms! 🔊 Link in bio 🤙🏽

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I sexy' and I know it❤️💥 #motivating ❤️

A few days ago, a rrishtay wali auntie went viral with her remarks that "divorces happen when women refuse to make rotis, women should shut their mouths." Men were delighted after it and said it's an end to feminism. Well here's what I think in this whole matter. Please give it a read. 🌸🌻 . Before that however, let me make it clear. I AM NOT A MAN HATER. The person I look up to the most is a man, my father. I DON'T HATE MEN. I HATE PATRIARCHY. 🌸🌻 . When I'm getting married, my kids will be raised in the se way. They both (son and daughter) will learn to cook, do the dishes, clean their rooms and everything. But not to do it for someone else under force, rather for themselves. These skills are what everyone needs to learn. Our prophet Mohmad PBUH knew how to cook, wash his clothes, mend his shoes, He used to help the wives all the time with the responsibility of PROPHETHOOD on his shoulders. If he can help his wives, why can't you? If he can be kind towards women, why can't you do the se? What do you expect women to do? Waste 16 years of education (that btw is made obligatory on her by God), after wasting her degree, throwing away her career, get married and lead a troubled life being treated like an object? I completely understand, one needs to be capable of feeding their fily, but why the this auntie completely leaves men out of it? Raising children, feeding them, doing household chores, it's all what a fily does. Every single person in the fily has to play a role in the fily's well being. Grandparents should be loving, men should not be sitting on the couch watching TV all day, ordering the wife around, they must be helping wives in all the chores. For all the boys thinking what this woman is saying is alright, dude you'll understand one day, when you'll get a daughter, when you'll love her more than life itself, you'll bring her chocolates on her period, you'll protect her from the world and when the time comes to give her hand in marriage to someone, and the mother in law will be a woman like this auntie, you will understand. You would not want your child to be anywhere near this woman. EVER.🌸 Respect women. 🌻🌸

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Daily Motivation

It's the "no matter what" attitude that makes it happen.

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